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Organizational Change

Harvard Business Review: The Rebirth of the CMO

The “M” in CMO is much more than just marketing now. Factor in understanding data …Continue Reading

Data Unification

Big Data Outgrew Its Name. Now What?

To be honest, when the term Big Data was first coined in 2000 – and …Continue Reading


Javelin Group: What’s in Store for the Next 10 Years of Retail?

Will Treasure, Javelin Group’s Director of Operations, recently published an interesting list of predictions for …Continue Reading

Marketing Self-Service

All These Marketing “Solutions” – But You Still Can’t Get Everything Done

With all the so-called technology innovation of late, it’s seems that the more data and …Continue Reading

Personalization at Scale

Legend of the Phoenix: Personalization

Personalization is a weird thing. Like the legend of the Phoenix, the bird that is …Continue Reading

Data Unification

Is Your Data Naughty or Nice

I read the other day that “Data is like water” and thought what a great …Continue Reading

Personalization at Scale

Path to Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital Personalization At Scale

McKinsey & Company recently published an insightful article titled “Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital personalization at …Continue Reading

Data Unification

To Break a Bottleneck You Need To Bust Some Glass

The dreaded data bottleneck. Every department in every enterprise has one (at least). And they all must be smashed if your organization hopes to leverage all the competitive advantage that’s buried deep inside your data.

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