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Reduce acquisition costs and increase match rates with a new kind of CDP.

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What You Get With ActionIQ's Acquisition Solution

Cookieless Acquisition

Tap into first-party customer data with to find your next best customers for less.

Self-serve Data

Launch campaigns quickly and easily with a self-serve interface — no coding needed.

Real-Time Experiences

Power real-time experiences from the customer data warehouse.

Direct Activation

Bring your own ID and data clean room solution, future proofing your acquisition strategy.

Grant Germano
Martech Strategy Lead, Bloomberg

“In the first six months of being live with our CDP, we saw audience sizes and match rates increase upwards of 500%... 
We also saw Bloomberg subscriptions being driven from paid social increase over 59% while seeing the breakout of an annual versus monthly subscription increase by 53%.”

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Self-Serve Your Audiences

Use your first-party data to create highly customized audiences that are optimized with native lookalike modeling.

Choose Your Identities

Leverage a private ID graph composed of any ID you need, generated by your systems or provided by vendors, for both anonymous and known users.

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Activate Directly on Paid Properties

Syndicate anonymous and known audiences directly to your preferred walled gardens and demand-side platforms without solely relying on data onboarders.

Acquisition Marketing Guide
Featured Guide

Reduce CAC and Increase Performance

In this guide, get strategies and campaigns designed to help you build a better acquistion strategy with your first-party data.

Key Acquisition Marketing Use Cases



Identify high-intent segments based on holistic intelligence like purchase history, behaviors, and predictive models across paid media.


Website Personalization

Personalize website experiences for each visitor using unified customer profiles to boost engagement and conversion rates.



Save budget by preventing ads from being served to existing customers, focusing spend on net-new high-value prospects only.



Target previous website visitors who didn’t convert using accessible, addressable IDs.

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ActionIQ's Advertising Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate your advertising tools 
or data warehouse with ActionIQ


Exceed your team’s acquisition goals with ActionIQ.  With a self-serve CDP designed to deliver audience activation at scale, you can build campaigns designed around first-party data to support business goals by acquiring more customers, reducing acquisition costs and saving time.

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See how teams like yours find their next best customers for less with ActionIQ's acquisition solution.

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