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Power Customer Acquisition With First-Party Data

Sunset your DMP and future-proof your acquisition strategy in an ever-evolving environment.

Fuel Privacy-First Customer Growth


Cost Savings

Eliminate expensive and inefficient DMP technology with future-proof solutions.


Efficient Revenue Growth

Optimize targeting and use advanced segmentation and lookalike modeling to reduce customer acquisition costs.


Flexible Strategy

Stitch together first- and third-party ID graphs to avoid lock-in and adapt to a changing identity market.

Chris Marino
Global Head of Performance Marketing & Media, Bloomberg Media

"As customer privacy and data protection increases, how are we as marketers and organizations future-proofing our business and thinking about the right tech stack to put in place that’s going to help us protect revenue at risk and, more importantly, start to think about how we can create more seamless customer experiences to drive growth?"

Learn Why Industry Leaders Choose AIQ

Master Customer Acquisition in a Cookieless World

Acquisition Marketing


Target high-value prospects across paid media channels using privacy-compliant IDs.


Acquisition Marketing


Target previous website visitors who didn’t convert using accessible, addressable IDs.

Acquisition Marketing

Website Personalization

Personalize user experience on your owned properties to increase conversion.


Acquisition Marketing


Remove converted customers from paid media campaigns to reduce wasted ad spend.

ActionIQ for Acquisition Marketing


Choose Your Identities

Leverage a private ID graph composed of any ID you need, generated by your systems or provided by vendors, for both anonymous and known users.


Self-Serve Audiencing

Use your first-party data to create highly customized audiences that are optimized with native lookalike modeling.


Activate Directly on Paid Properties

Syndicate anonymous and known audiences directly to your preferred walled gardens and demand-side platforms without solely relying on data onboarders.

Explore Our Partner Ecosystem

Because no single solution will replace DMPs for acquisition marketing, ActionIQ developed a strong and growing partner ecosystem to help you build your new advertising stack.

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