3 Reasons Consumers Want You to Adopt A CDP


Consumers are drowning in totally irrelevant marketing messages. Ironically, this makes them even more eager to hear messages from brands that can cut through the noise and guide them to the products and offers that are truly relevant.

“Customers are constantly telling brands what motivates them and what turns them off– from the purchases they make and the channels they shop in, to the ads, offers, and emails, they ignore,” writes Tamara Gruzbarg, ActionIQ’s head of industry insights, in DMNews.

However, brands must be able listen to what individual customers are saying—and respond by offering relevant messages and offers, rather than batch-and-blast campaigns.

Gruzbarg’s prescription? A customer data platform (CDP).

“An enterprise CDP enables you to draw on every bit of relevant data your customers provide—and empower your marketing team to act on that information in intelligent ways—from channel preferences, to timely, highly-relevant, AI-driven, offers,” writes Gruzbarg

Meanwhile, here are three things that your customers are probably already telling you, whether you are listening or not.

1) Stop overwhelming my brain’s inbox!

If you barrage customers with irrelevant messages, you will lose their trust in any offer you make, even the ones that are genuinely attractive to them.

2) Stop acting like you don’t know me!

Marketing organizations may be divided into channel-specific teams operating with their one siloed data. Customers don’t know that, and they definitely don’t care. They just register the fact that a brand fails to recognize them, even if they have a long and loyal relationship with the brand.

3) Stop coming at me from every angle!

Customers have clear preferences for certain channel, e.g. they like emails but ignore online ads. However, many brands continue to inundate customers with messages any and every which way they can—even when that can actually harm rather than help the relationship.

Basically, it comes down to a simple principle: “Customers want you to speak to them in highly-relevant ways—and leave them in peace until you can do so,” says Gruzbarg.

Read the full article at DMNews.

Tamara Gruzbarg
Tamara Gruzbarg
Head of Insights and Strategy
Expert analytics executive with 20+ years of experience, guiding organizations through rapid data transformation and growth. Designed and implemented ML-powered solutions in areas of Customer Acquisition, Personalization, CRM and Campaign Management across Financial Services, Omnichannel Retail and Media.
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