Turn Your Data Warehouse Into a CDP

Marketer-friendly segmentation for Snowflake, Databricks, and more

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The Only Zero-Copy Composable CDP


Security and Governance

Maintain complete control over setup, ingestion and access


Zero-Copy Architecture

Tap into your existing data investment with native query pushdown


Native Integrations

Connect across your stack with seamless integrations


Self-Serve Marketing Access

Give self-serve access to marketing — no more Jira bottlenecks

Jeff Parkinson
VP of Core Data Engineering

"When I first got there it took 2-3 months with engineering to get a single marketing campaign out the door. This stack helps you by simplifying the ingestion of data, making it easier to transform that data and activate it."

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Maximize Your Stack Investment

Integrate your marketing tools, analytics, or data warehouse with ActionIQ

Composable Architecture

Open Architecture

Maintain complete control over data movement and governance within and outside of the CDP

Increase Efficiency

Monitor and control data ingestion and transformation

Maximize Performance

Configure new and existing data pipelines

Modernize Your Stack

Build on your existing data infrastructure

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ActionIQ can handle any data since the data stays within the data warehouse

Grow Your Stack

Tap directly into the data warehouse to seamlessly scale CX


With 2.5T annual activations, ActionIQ is built for the enterprise

Flexibly Grow

With HybridCompute, get data infrastructure for the real world

Real-Time Capabilities

Connect your warehouse to real-time infrastructure powering CX

Centralized Data Location

Unify real-time customer events for decisioning and activation

Complete Intelligence

Combine streaming and historical data for personalization

Omnichannel Activation

Orchestrate real-time experiences across channels

Controlled Business UI Image

Controlled Business UI

Remove the IT bottleneck for marketing teams that want self-serve access and activation of data

Maintain Data Governance

Use role and team-based permissions for access and extraction

Democratize Data

Give business users self-service, intuitive, no-code UI to launch use cases

Streamline Operations

Optimize your process and your sanity by reducing resource drain

Choose Your Deployment


Great for organizations still making progress on customer 360 initiative, with siloed data and systems today


Stores copied data


Drives all compute


Data Copy flows from warehouse to ActionIQ



Great for organizations who don’t have yet all the data necessary
in the lakehouse


Stores data as necessary


Drives compute as necessary

Data flows in both directions



Stores data


Drives compute


Great for organizations with mature customer 360 initiatives, all data is in one place only

No data, no compute

Data flows in both directions



Stores data


Drives compute

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