B2B CDP - Grow faster from leads to loyal customers

Grow Faster From Lead to Loyal

Keep buyers converting while saving budget.

Get Better Leads for Less and Make Them Loyal for Life

Convert Faster

Convert Faster

Find higher quality prospects and push them down the funnel faster.

Anon to Advocate

Anonymous to Advocate

Powerful demand generation tools driven by first-party data.

Marketer Access

Marketer Access to Data

Tap into your complete dataset for better CX with a Composable CDP.

Tzvetana Duffy
Former Senior Director, Enterprise Engagement Platforms, Autodesk

"We realized we could invest in CDP technology to support our new vision for customer relationships by using lookalike modeling to predict it and proactively engage at-risk customers. We have the ability to create very detailed customer segmentation and the agility to quickly pivot and address what needs improvement."

Connect Use Cases Across the Lifecycle

Paid Media Suppression


Paid Media Suppression

Exclude certain audiences and customers from your ad campaigns to stop wasting money on prospects who have already converted by removing them from paid media advertising.


Lookalike Models

Get higher quality leads through lookalike audiences. Use first-party data to model best customers, and pass attributes about their best customers directly into ad platforms like Google and Meta.

B2B CDP Lookalike Models
B2B CDP Hypersegmentation



Empower business teams to discover, build, iterate and act on granular, multidimensional audiences. Activate hyper-segmented audiences in real time or by sophisticated, multi-step omnichannel journeys.

POC ActionIQ in Minutes

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We map to your existing data warehouse (including Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Teradata) making setup fast and easy.

In the POC, you will:

  • Integrate ActionIQ with your existing stack, in just a few clicks
  • See how quickly your team can get insights and activate use cases
  • Take the guesswork out of buying a CDP and align your team

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