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Amazon Web Services


How ActionIQ works with AWS.

We use Amazon Web Services to deliver fast, reliable, real-time analytics to our customers. Large-scale managed services from AWS gives ActionIQ's engineering team the flexibility to experiment and the independence to focus on building smart business logic to deliver real value and impact to customers.



We use AWS EC2 infrastructure to power InfiniteCompute, our petabyte-scale elastic compute platform.

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Data storage

All customer data is stored in S3 and S3 Glacier, providing a scalable and reliable persistent storage layer to manage data across our InfiniteCompute platform.


Streaming Data Pipelines

 We leverage Kinesis and Confluent-managed Kafka deployed on AWS for all our streaming pipelines and real-time computations.

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Enterprise-Level Scale

AIQ InfiniteCompute utilizes a blend of AWS Reserved and Spot Instances across multiple availabilities, zones to ensure cost-effective and reliable scale while running a platform 24x7x365.


Enterprise-Grade Security

We use a combination of AWS services to provide enterprise-grade security and SOC2 compliance, including IAM to manage resource access, GuardDuty to automate threat detection, CloudTrail for auditing and reporting, and KMS to manage storage access.


Customer Stories

See how the world's leading brands Pandora Media and Vera Bradley are powering authentic customer experiences with ActionIQ.

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