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Data And Analytics Leaders Are Choosing CDPs

Leaders are increasingly turning to customer data platforms to support marketing and customer experience requirements. Download the Gartner report to learn how enterprise organizations can navigate the CDP marketplace.

ActionIQ Platform Applications

Authentic Customer Experiences Are Built on All Your Data

The ActionIQ Customer Data Platform enables you to align your people, technology, and processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint.


The Enterprise Advertiser's Guide to CX in a Cookieless World

The death of the cookie represents massive change for advertisers — as well as a major opportunity. With third-party cookies disappearing, brands have a chance to move away from questionable data from unknown sources and focus on authenticated first-party data that fuels superior customer experiences.

Take back control of your customer data.

The Modern Customer Experience Solution

In today’s experience economy, consumers expect brands to know them and consistently deliver authentic, helpful experiences. The ActionIQ CDP enables large organizations to solve chronic customer data fragmentation and gain the customer intelligence needed to orchestrate experiences across all their brand touchpoints.

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Power a high-performing organization

Build an omnichannel “smart hub” stack that unifies data and empowers teams with the real-time insights they need

ActionIQ Smarthub Customer Data Platform

Build a reputation for superior experiences

Gain deep customer understanding that enables you to deliver trust-building, profitable customer experiences at scale

Nick Rockwell, Former CTO NYT

Deliver transformational growth

Drive incremental revenue, hard cost-savings and achieve new business models while attracting, converting and retaining more customers

Power a best-in-breed omnichannel tech stack

The most successful enterprises evolve with changing consumer behavior. ActionIQ enables a “smart hub” approach that brings up-to-the-minute customer data to every touchpoint across the customer experience spectrum.

A Platform Designed for the Business

To bring customer data to the edge of every customer experience, brands need a platform that doesn’t shy away from enterprise scale, speed and complexity. ActionIQ offers the only enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform designed for business teams to build modern customer experiences.

Improve cx with ActionIQ CDP

Built for Scale


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