ActionIQ is an enterprise Customer Data Platform solving the biggest problem marketers face: the flow and scale of data, analytics, and campaigns.
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There’s a huge gap between the data consumer marketers have access to and the ideas they want to execute on. What’s holding them back? Disparate data, slow analytics, and the inability to deploy insights into campaigns in real time.


Big marketing clouds are a façade–they can only leverage 1% of your customer data (yes, 1%), and they keep it siloed: email, social, digital, in-store, and others.


You only achieve marketing freedom when you bring all your data together in the fastest database the world has ever seen, layer on top of it the next generation of analytics that don’t require SQL skills–even for hundreds or thousands of variables–and then integrate those insights into every marketing channel.


That’s ActionIQ–marketing freedom and speed, without the requests to IT.


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