The Power Of Your Customer Data,
In The Hands Of Your Marketers
ActionIQ unlocks a seamless flow of actionable customer data from across the enterprise to deliver a truly personalized consumer journey. Marketing teams can continuously optimize, iterate, and fine tune strategies while proving immediate effectiveness.



Our Clients
ActionIQ is the only scalable, Enterprise Customer Data Platform available on the market. Learn how some of the world’s best known brands are driving revenue and results through a unified customer experience.

ActionIQ really helps us consolidate information into one place so that we can actually segment.

Product Management

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I can do that with ActionIQ, I can literally do one-to-one customer communication.

Email Marketing

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With ActionIQ, we are able to build variables in minutes, and create new variables on the spot, so we can get to market quicker – in days vs. weeks.

Global CRM

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Our Investors

We’re made in NY, working with leaders from Silicon Valley and New York City.
“This is a truly revolutionary idea. And they are just the team to do it”
Martin Casado
General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Our Founders

We set out to solve the problem of how to make marketing truly personalized.

To do this you need to bring together three things: customer data, insights, and the actions and experiences, but with the simplicity to make it value and useful.

A product that gives marketers the freedom and analysts the governance and sanity they are looking for. That’s what we’re building at ActionIQ”

Tasso Argyros, Founder & CEO

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ActionIQ empowers marketers to work with complicated data sets in a ways they’ve never been able to before.”

Nitay Joffe, Founder & CTO

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Are you ready to unlock your customer data?