Grow Faster With a New Kind of Customer Data Platform

Built to Solve the Toughest Customer Data Puzzles


Keep Data Where It Lives

Choice in architecture with hybrid composable functionality.

Real Time Experiences

Real-Time Experiences

Subsecond access to data to power real-time CX.

Anonymous to Loyalist

Anonymous to Loyalist

Powerful customer acquisition tools driven by first-party data.

Partnership-First Mentality

Partnership-First Mentality

Award-winning support and strategic services.

Featured Case Study

How Atlassian Kicked Growth into High Gear

See how Atlassian went from 10 Terabytes of Data to 65% faster marketing audiences with ActionIQ

ActionIQ for Marketers

Grow faster by putting data in the hands of marketers

  • Explore, create and activate hyper-segmented audiences in minutes — without waiting for IT
  • Target more efficiently and provide experiences across the lifecycle with a powerful first-party data strategy
  • Gain controlled, real-time access to customer data with a user-friendly interface

ActionIQ for IT

Turn your data warehouse into a CDP

  • Help business users self-serve while retaining total control of customer data storage, access and governance
  • Extend existing data investments and avoid capability overlap
  • With zero-copy compute, no need for new data copies, pipelines or duplications