The ActionIQ Platform

For enterprise brands that want to grow faster and deliver meaningful experiences. ActionIQ’s unique composable architecture gives marketers easy and secure ways to activate data anywhere in the customer experience

The ActionIQ Platform
The ActionIQ Platform

Built to Solve the Toughest Customer Data Puzzles

keep data where it lives

Keep Data Where It Lives

Choice in architecture with hybrid composable functionality.

Real Time Experiences

Real-Time Experiences

Subsecond access to data to power real-time CX.

Anonymous to Loyalist

Anonymous to Loyalist

Powerful customer acquisition tools driven by first-party data.

Partnership-First Mentality

Partnership-First Mentality

Award-winning support and strategic services.

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Customer Data Platform

Democratize data and activate it anywhere with scale and flexibility.


A composable CDP gives full control over where to store and process your data


View and control how data is ingested and transformed


Create and activate new customer attributes in minutes using all your data

Audience Center

Explore, augment and activate hyper-segmented self-serve audiences enriched with insights and predictive models that drive your campaigns.


Define, explore and target customer segments using a no-code interface


Use machine learning to identify and define new high-value opportunities


Automate updates, exports and configurations across any system or channel


Manage and resolve identities across anonymous and known customers


Resolve anonymous and known customer identities with data and identity partners


Obtain addressable signals and retarget in real time with demand-side platforms, walled gardens and more

Composable Identity

Bring you own identity resolution service and match identities closer to the data

Journey Orchestration

Launch and test omnichannel journeys across hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations for both owned and paid channels with a drag-and-drop UI for marketers


Launch, monitor and measure customer campaigns


Orchestrate multi-step customer journeys across all channels

Offer Codes

Utilize single-use offer codes for consistent delivery across channels

Real-Time CX

Combine streaming and historical data to inform real-time experiences across online and offline channels – even from data in the data warehouse.

ActionIQ Tag

Collect and unify real-time customer behaviors across your website and other digital properties

Profile API

Use the entire customer profile to inform personalization across all inbound digital channels


Push personalized real-time communications to outbound customer touchpoints

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Seamlessly Connect the Stack

Integrate your marketing tools, analytics, or data warehouse with ActionIQ

POC ActionIQ in Minutes

Get started with ActionIQ now with a no-cost POC.

We map to your existing data warehouse (including Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Teradata) making setup fast and easy.

In the POC, you will:

  • Integrate ActionIQ with your existing stack, in just a few clicks
  • See how quickly your team can get insights and activate use cases
  • Take the guesswork out of buying a CDP and align your team

Reach out now to get started: