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ActionIQ x Iterable Solution Brief
Solution Brief

ActionIQ x Iterable Solution Brief

Brands have made significant investments in channel technologies, with email oftentimes serving as the center of their first-party data strategy. With the limited data capabilities of end delivery platforms, their intentions of enhancing customer experience with next-level personalization can oftentimes fall short. 

As organizations refocus efforts on centralizing data, intelligence and orchestration, there is an opportunity to combine delivery tools with a CX Hub. Understand how the AIQ CX Hub partners with the leading cross-channel marketing tool, Iterable and enables organizations to future-proof their identity strategy in an ever-evolving environment.


How Atlassian is Upleveling Data Scale While Maximizing Existing IT Initiatives

Historically, unification and transformation have been at the core of every enterprise’s data strategy – but in today’s modern ecosystem, the priorities of technical teams have evolved well beyond centralization. With emerging tools and tactics across industries, data teams are pressured to identify the right solutions to drive scale and agility as the organization evolves while preserving control, governance and the value of existing investments.

Watch Atlassian’s Senior Manager of GTM Systems Sravan Gupta and ActionIQ’s VP of Enterprise Architecture Edouard Servan-Schreiber as they discuss how Atlassian is leveraging ActionIQ’s CX Hub to operationalize existing data investments while enabling scale, flexibility and ultimately expansion of powerful CX initiatives.

You’ll learn:

How Atlassian is leveraging AIQ’s composable technology to scale internal tooling while driving powerful customer experience goals Strategies to integrate new solutions into the stack to power emerging data needs while optimizing existing investments The criticality of data governance and control

The Enterprise Guide to Real-Time CX Powered by Continuous Intelligence

The Enterprise Guide to Real-Time CX Powered by Continuous Intelligence

Meeting today’s business needs of making real-time, intelligence-fueled decisions, delivering speed without sacrificing decision quality is at the top of IT teams’ agenda.

Build a real-time customer experience stack powered by continuous intelligence to achieve your organization’s real-time CX goals.

Solution Brief

ActionIQ Identity Solution Brief

With ActionIQ Identity you’ll manage and resolve identities across anonymous and known customers across first-, second- and third-party sources of your choice, all while respecting privacy regulations.


How JCPenney is Building a Better Customer Experience to Drive Loyalty

Just past its 120th birthday, JCPenney is actively working to create a more thoughtful customer experience that rewards its most loyal customers. At the crux of this strategy is creating a space for its over 50 million annual customers to genuinely connect with the brand, rather than just driving transactions. 

Watch JCPenney’s VP, Customer Engagement & Insights Roger Worak and ActionIQ’s Manager, Customer Success Tim Mattessich discuss how JCPenney is remaining relevant by driving a strong sense of brand engagement.

You’ll learn:

  • How JCPenney is prioritizing reduction in churn and driving stronger engagement long-term
  • How their team is reactivating and reengaging with past purchasers to drive intelligent cross-sell strategies across departments
  • What strategies JCP in implementing to stay focused on customer loyalty

How Atlassian Drives Impactful Cross-Product CX to Expand With Existing Customers

In today’s market, getting a user’s attention is only half the battle. A brand’s ability to keep the user’s attention long enough to convert is what drives long-term scale and comes down to consistently delivering better CX across the entire customer journey. For B2B brands in particular, expanding footprint within individual customers is a critical growth lever but requires a deep understanding of customer needs. 

Watch Atlassian’s Marketing Operations Technology Manager Caleb Trecek and ActionIQ’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Ariane Sedghi as they discuss how Atlassian is leveraging AIQ’s CX Hub to create connected experiences with existing customers that encompass multiple products to scale growth. 

You’ll Learn:

  • Strategies to achieve granular, self-serve audience segmentation to drive precision messaging
  • The value of centralized omnichannel journey orchestration in driving cross-sell/upsell and amplifying growth
  • How to drive cross-departmental collaboration to unlock value across a vast complex organization  
Solution Sheet

ActionIQ CXH for Financial Services

Financial services organizations need to shift to a digital-first ecosystem and create real-time personalized experiences. By providing all teams with direct but governed self-service access to customer data, businesses can reduce complexity and drive seamless experiences across all touch points. With ActionIQ, Financial Services brands can execute experiences that drive acquisition, engagement and retention.

Download this solution sheet to learn how ActionIQ helps Financial Services brands:

  • Provide marketers with centralized and governed access to customer data
  • Increase the velocity and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Bridge the information gap with their customers
  • Execute coordinated high touch and digital experiences
Solution Sheet

ActionIQ CXH for Travel & Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality brands know that they need to drive personalization and engagement, but foundational to this is a data strategy. The more brands understand the customers, the more they’ll be able to increase loyalty and repeat bookings. 

Download this solution sheet to learn how ActionIQ helps travel and hospitality brands:

  • Provide call center reps, marketing and agents with a 360 view of customers
  • Create value based promotions by understanding intent, behavioral or booking history
  • Increase the velocity of campaigns by providing marketers with the independence to create customer segments and execute customer journeys
  • Drive customer loyalty through differentiated and personalized experiences
Solution Brief

Acquisition Marketing Solution Brief

With data management platforms (DMPs) being sunsetted paired with the death of third-party cookies, acquisition strategies will need to evolve. Organizations struggle to determine the best solution to take them into the future while replacing key acquisition marketing functionality they have traditionally relied on.

Understand how the AIQ CX Hub enables organizations to future-proof their acquisition strategy with first-party data in an ever-evolving environment.

Download the Acquisition Marketing Solution Brief to learn how AIQ helps you:

  • Eliminate expensive and inefficient DMP technology with future-proof solutions
  • Optimize targeting and use advanced segmentation and lookalike modeling to reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Stitch together first- and third-party ID graphs to avoid lock-in and adapt to a changing identity market
Solution Sheet

ActionIQ CX Hub for Insurers

Insurance products and services can be very complex, and policyholders need to confidently weigh and navigate through all their unique options. ActionIQ CXH for Insurers enables organizations to simplify communications and create transparency with policyholders. 

Download the CX Hub for Insurers Solution Sheet to learn how ActionIQ helps insurers:

  • Provide marketers with centralized and governed access to customer data
  • Increase the velocity and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Bridge the information gap with their customers
  • Execute coordinated high-touch and digital experiences

The Enterprise Guide to Acquisition Marketing Powered by First-Party Data

The loss of anonymous third-party data and other changes to user-tracking capabilities have made customer acquisition marketing strategies and technologies — such as data management platforms (DMP) — obsolete.

As a result, advertisers must change their approach to assembling, analyzing and activating customer data in order to execute business-critical use cases.

With the right tools and strategy in place, brands can manage data governance, costs and performance to drive growth through extraordinary customer experiences by adopting a smart hub approach.

Download the new guide to customer acquisition marketing and learn how to:

  • Implement new strategies to collect and manage first-party data
  • Create a future-proof customer-centric solution to inspire long-term loyalty
  • Understand the consequences of DMPs and how to solve for these use cases

How Hearst Harnesses First-Party Data For Customer Acquisition & Conversion

The deprecation of third-party cookies is fundamentally changing how brands acquire new customers while bringing new levels of urgency to retaining and growing existing customer relationships. Leading brands are betting on first-party data solutions that can drive impact for both acquisition and retention initiatives while offering flexibility as they navigate a shifting landscape of marketing and advertising tools & strategies.

Watch Hearst’s VP of Acquisition & Conversion Christina Dalton and ActionIQ’s SVP of Product Justin DeBrabant discuss how Hearst is unlocking value by leveraging its first-party data to drive conversion across both subscriber and eCommerce products.

You’ll learn:

  • Shifts in acquisition strategies resulting from changing privacy regulations
  • How Hearst is maximizing first-party data to drive acquisition efforts across multiple revenue streams
  • Strategies to create value earlier in the customer lifecycle to drive authentication