How Hearst Harnesses First-Party Data For Customer Acquisition & Conversion

The deprecation of third-party cookies is fundamentally changing how brands acquire new customers while bringing new levels of urgency to retaining and growing existing customer relationships. Leading brands are betting on first-party data solutions that can drive impact for both acquisition and retention initiatives while offering flexibility as they navigate a shifting landscape of marketing and advertising tools & strategies.

Watch Hearst’s VP of Acquisition & Conversion Christina Dalton and ActionIQ’s SVP of Product Justin DeBrabant discuss how Hearst is unlocking value by leveraging its first-party data to drive conversion across both subscriber and eCommerce products.

You’ll learn:

  • Shifts in acquisition strategies resulting from changing privacy regulations
  • How Hearst is maximizing first-party data to drive acquisition efforts across multiple revenue streams
  • Strategies to create value earlier in the customer lifecycle to drive authentication


Case Study

How Michael Kors Uses ActionIQ to Thrive in a Cookieless World

In the face of third-party cookie deprecation – and the loss of data used for identifying and targeting consumers online, businesses must determine a strategy to prepare for an uncertain future and enable marketers to continue the execution of critical acquisition strategies. 

Michael Kors used ActionIQ to future-proof their advertising stack,  consolidating and activating their first-party data. By ingesting customer data to create audiences, extract insights and orchestrate customer experiences, Michael Kors has been able to significantly reduce acquisition costs and improve attribution. 

Download the case study to learn how Michael Kors:

  • Delivered impactful customer experiences across top media channels, walled gardens, demand-side platforms and ad networks 
  • Integrated with identity partners to more effectively target consumers 
  • Increased unknown customer engagement while improving marketing efficiency

Webinar: Strategies for Efficient & Profitable Customer Experiences in an Uncertain Economy

With rapidly changing market conditions and economic unpredictability, it’s more critical than ever to maintain an agile, adaptable approach to delivering customer experiences. But complex, brittle and outdated architectures can leave businesses inflexible and slow to differentiate.

Watch ActionIQ’s Senior Vice President of Product Justin DeBrabant as he leads a discussion exploring how brands can cut costs and maximize value of existing customers as consumer demand slows. Hear from M&T Bank’s Vice President of Digital Marketing Technology and Canadian Tire’s Vice President of Enterprise Digital Marketing as they touch on how they’re building the future of CX using composable technologies within ActionIQ’s CX Hub to achieve best-of-breed use cases while controlling costs.

You’ll learn:

  • Benefits of modular technology for agile CX management
  • How to prepare for economic uncertainty by adopting a ‘save and retain’ strategy
  • Strategies to optimize the CX stack, unlock powerful use cases and stay agile while controlling spend

How Albertsons Executed a Successful Multi-Brand Loyalty Strategy

The post-pandemic retail landscape has required brands to be more dynamic than ever – adapting quickly to evolving customer behaviors, taking a holistic approach to delivering digital experiences across the entire customer journey and offering highly personalized messaging through the right channel at the right time.  

Watch ActionIQ’s Vice President of Strategic Accounts Cait Gorges and Albertsons’ Director of Marketing & Advertising Platforms Sankett Deshpande as they took the main stage at CRMC 2022 to discuss how the pandemic-related influx of digital shoppers led Albertsons to shift its focus to loyalty, 1st-party data collection and omnichannel personalization to elevate the shopper experience. 

You’ll learn:

  • Tools and tactics to drive loyalty & 1st party data collection across numerous brands
  • Strategies to create connected omnichannel customer experiences across in-store and digital 
  • How Albertsons leverages an insight-driven journey approach to meet the customer wherever they are

Is Your Marketing Stack Ready for Omnichannel CX?

Leading brands are focused on creating extraordinary customer experiences that span multiple channels while feeling cohesive and consistent. But many organizations struggle to combine the legacy tools and emerging technologies required to deliver effective omnichannel CX.

Join this session to learn how Autodesk used ActionIQ to develop a future-proof marketing technology stack that supports a self-service approach to omnichannel experience orchestration with insights from Senior Domain Engineering Manager Aamir Azam.


Get Started on Improving Your Customer Journey Experience

Delivering timely and relevant customer experiences separates your brand from the competition. But marketers still struggle with providing real-time, data-driven engagements across customer touchpoints.

Join this session to learn how Shutterfly used ActionIQ to migrate from outdated campaign management tools and transform its approach to customer journeys with insights from Head of Marketing Tech Ops Neta-Lee Katz.


Webinar: How Top Brands Orchestrate Customer Journeys for Retention & Growth

To build the kind of engagement that dynamically adapts to customers’ experiences, contexts and needs, brands must have a solid foundation of data, tools and teams. Only then can they design customer journeys at scale around core audience segments and behaviors.

Join this session to learn how News Corp used its customer data platform (CDP) to orchestrate customer journeys that build customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value with insights from Senior Vice President & Global Head of Subscriptions Esfand Pourmand.


M&T Bank: Why the Value of Data is in How it Powers CX

M&T Bank Vice President of Martech Strategy Chris O’Brien explains why the true value of data is in how it helps power personalized customer experiences.


Condé Nast: Empowering Business Users

Condé Nast Associate Director of CRM & Engagement Liz Switzer explains how the company enables business users to access and take action on customer insights with AIQ.


Michael Kors: Increasing Marketing Agility & Efficiency

Michael Kors Vice President of Global Analytics Sharon Kratochvil explains how the company uses AIQ to power more flexible, effective marketing.

Case Study

How Albertsons Uses ActionIQ to Provide Personalized, Real-Time Customer Experiences

Whether to drive more revenue, boost customer loyalty or simply stay competitive, modern brands must put customers at the center of their business strategies.

Albertsons Companies used ActionIQ to improve customer experiences for both online and offline shoppers by combining first-party and third-party data to create a comprehensive, 360-degree view of its customers and orchestrate highly relevant omnichannel experiences in the right place at the right time.

How First-Party Data is Reshaping Digital Advertising From Canadian Tire Corporation and ActionIQ

Webinar: How First-Party Data is Reshaping Digital Advertising