Drive Frictionless Travel Experiences

Increase bookings by personalizing the traveler experience.

Engage Travelers Across Their Entire Journey


Single View of Your Customer

Provide controlled access to demographic, booking and browsing data to call center, marketing and travel agents.


Personalized Acquisition & Retention

Customize outreach and offers based on individual preferences or loyalty program status.


Coordinated Travel Experiences

Ensure experiences and promotions are consistent across channels and drive value to customers.

Dana Studebaker
VP Marketing, Consumer Brands, Apple Leisure Group

"With AIQ we’re giving Marketing more control to access data in real time as opposed to putting in requests through IT so we can take those smaller projects off their plate and they can focus on the business as a whole."

Industry Leaders Choose AIQ


ActionIQ CXH for Travel & Hospitality Solution Sheet

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Deliver Travel Experiences Based on Behaviors and Preferences

Travel & Hospitality

Optimize Ad Spend

Target high-value prospects across paid media channels and suppress customers with existing bookings.

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Travel & Hospitality

Search Abandonment

Retarget anonymous and known customers based on their search and browsing data to improve site conversion.

Travel & Hospitality

Coordinate Across Brands

Drive cross-brand communications and promotions in order to increase engagement and cross-sell opportunities.

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Travel & Hospitality

Drive Customer Loyalty

Drive awareness and customize promotions across loyal customers to encourage new bookings.

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