Grow Faster With Self-Serve Access to Customer Data

Create a consistent experience across the customer lifecycle to increase loyalty with every interaction.

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What You Get With ActionIQ's Marketing Solution

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GenAI-powered Marketing

Design audiences in natural language requests and get AI-driven recommendations.

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Real-Time Experiences

Power (real) real-time experiences with subsecond access to data.


Dynamically segment audiences to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

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Self-serve Data

Launch campaigns quickly and easily with a self-serve interface — no coding needed.

Ekta Chopra
Chief Digital Officer, e.l.f.

“We selected ActionIQ because it was truly a platform that brought all the pieces that I needed to create a single golden record for my consumer —  to allow me to really engage my consumer, at any channel, any which way they want to be communicated... That was the single most important investment in our data-centric journey.”

Better Experiences Across the Customer Lifecycle

With ActionIQ's complete customer experience solution, create a single golden record for your customers to keep them coming back for more.

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Hyper-Segmented Audiences

Self-serve high-precision audience segments powered by historical data, real-time behavior, and predictive models. Target and personalize at the segment-of-one level.

Real-Time Customer Experiences

Serve hyper-relevant content by combining rich customer profiles with real-time behavioral signals. Deliver personalized experiences in-the-moment across all interactions.

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Omnichannel Journeys

Omnichannel Orchestration

Orchestrate seamless journeys across all channels and touchpoints through pre-built integrations. Eliminate silos and connect data sources for unified customer experiences.

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Key Marketing Use Cases

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Product Recommendations

Give your customers tailored recommendations for their next purchase based on buying history, behavior and more to get them to the second purchase and beyond quickly.

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Welcome Series

Make your first-time buyers loyal customers with an orchestrated welcome series, designed to bring each buyer into your brand's fold through targeted messages across channels.

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Loyalty Engagement

Create a continued pathway to purchase from your customers with personalized loyalty programs, with promotions, rewards and experiences designed with them in mind.

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Cross-Sell and Upsell

Show your customers more to enjoy to drive higher customer lifetime value by introducing new product categories, experiences and services for them to explore.

Connect Audiences to Each Moment

Seamlessly integrate your marketing tools or data warehouse with ActionIQ.


Our AI-powered audience segmentation and real-time personalization capabilities allow you to target and engage customers with hyper-relevant messaging and offers across channels. This drives greater campaign performance.

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