How an Enterprise CDP Fosters Happy, Hyper-Productive Teams

Nitay Joffe - how an enterprise CDP fosters productive teams

For developers, it’s called “hack mode.” For drummers, it is being “in the groove.” Eminent positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi built his carrying studying this state. It is that wonderful feel we all get when we are immersed in an activity that makes us feel both energized and powerfully focused. Csikszentmihalyi dubbed it the “flow state.”

Marketing organizations would benefit from tools and processes that help keep their marketers “in the flow,” writes Nitay Joffe, co-founder and CTO of ActionIQ, in a new article for Martech Series. In fact, a McKinsey study found employees are up to 500 percent more productive when in the flow state.

Flow requires three things, according to Csikszentmihalyi: clarity, speed and control. Unfortunately for marketers who create and execute campaigns, they often lack one, two or even all three of these ingredients.

For example, disconnected data and executions systems deprive them of clarity into customers and their wants and needs, writes Joffe. To gain such insight, marketers must wait for technical experts to gather data and predictive intelligence, which necessarily undermines both speed and a sense of control.

Fortunately, says Joffe, an enterprise customer data platform (CDPs) can provide all three key ingredients for entering a flow state:

  • Clarity. By organizing and connecting all relevant customer data, an enterprise CDP marketing gives marketers visibility into that data in business-friendly format, instead of  endless columns and rows.
  • Speed. An enterprise CDP gives marketers instant self-service access to the data they need. Just as important, they can interact with that data, for example to build and validate customer segments on the fly.
  • Control. Instead of perpetual dependence on data experts, marketers can access the critical tools they need to execute a campaign, from building intelligence-driven audience segments to instant, cross-channel activation—and even testing and measurements so they can iteratively optimize campaigns.

Read the full article in Martech Series.

Nitay Joffe
Nitay Joffe
Founder & CTO
Nitay loves building innovative technology and applying it to real world use cases. He founded ActionIQ to explore his passion for databases, distributed systems, & big data. Prior to ActionIQ, Nitay engineered Facebook’s data infrastructure, and was a core contributor to open source projects HBase & Giraph.
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