Automate Efficiency and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Move faster with more predictability to support business needs while maintaining control over data governance.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Reliable Access

Retrieve customer data across any data set and activate unlimited audience profiles without IT.

Effortless Automation

Automate advanced campaign list pulls while enabling business users to self-serve common requests.

Full Customization

Create hyper-segmented audiences in minutes and easily tailor data activation for different use cases.

Sharon Kratochvil
VP of Global Analytics, Michael Kors

"It allows us to be agile in our marketing. It gives us speed. It gives us flexibility in executing customer marketing campaigns and journeys."

Learn Why Industry Leaders Choose AIQ

Why Reverse ETL is Only One Piece of the Data Puzzle - HybridCompute.png

The Rise of Reverse ETL

Read to understand why enterprise organizations need more than rETL to drive business success — and what IT teams can do to maximize the value of their hard work.

Amplify Campaign Performance




Pull insights directly from both data warehouses and streaming data sources. Fuel campaigns with the full view of every customer.


Controlled Business UI

Accelerate time to market with self-service. Give business users the tools they need to create and explore audiences.

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Audience Center

Build and activate new audiences in minutes across any channel. Automate customer list updates and exports.

The Enterprise Guide to Audience Segmentation

Learn how to use accurate and accessible customer data to build an agile and granular segmentation strategy.