How Atlassian Scaled Acquisition For 71% Higher Conversions

How Atlassian Scaled: 5X Reach and 71% More Conversions

Behind every single marketing campaign is an even better customer data strategy. And those don’t happen by accident — especially in a complex, B2B environment.

Founded in 2002, Atlassian’s mission is to help unleash the potential of every team. Over the past 20+ years, the company has grown from Jira Software to over 15 products that help teams organize, discuss and complete shared work.

As Atlassian grew, it needed a purpose-built solution to help scale the customer experience and augment its data strategy seamlessly — enter the composable customer data platform (CDP).

Why Atlassian Wanted to Partner With a CDP

With 10 terabytes of data and 288 million customers, Atlassian needed a way to harness information swiftly, securely and seamlessly, but there was a gap between their data goldmine and their marketing team’s activation.

Traditional methods meant delays, bottlenecks, and frustration. Atlassian needed a solution that was as dynamic and agile as their team.

Sravan Gupta, Senior Martech Engineering Manager Martech at Atlassian, describes how Atlassian had already aggregated their customer data in data warehouses in a standardized, organized way. It needed a solution that would build on its success — not waste its effort and investment.

Unbundling the Problem with Bundled CDPs

Atlassian experimented with bundled and homegrown customer data platforms but hit a critical roadblock when it came to scale. Bundled solutions created complexities, promoted silos across data and teams and lacked the flexibility needed for Atlassian’s expanding needs.

Partnering with ActionIQ and Databricks to Scale Its Customer Experience

After their initial investment, they pivoted and searched for a solution that would match its scale and give them the flexibility to evolve their stack as business priorities change. They initiated their new search with three key criteria: speed and efficiency, scale, and accessibility.

That led Atlassian to ActionIQ. Atlassian could rely on ActionIQ to tap into its ever-growing Databricks lakehouse and activate campaigns across the customer experience. With a marketing-friendly user interface, Atlassian’s marketing team could use ActionIQ’s activation layer on top of its complete, real-time set of data in Databricks to launch audiences — SQL-free.

Atlassian Case Study - From Efficiency Gains to 71% Higher Conversion and 5X Reach

From Efficiency Gains to 71% Higher Conversion and 5X Reach

By augmenting their data strategy, the results were evident in the marketing team’s ability to orchestrate and activate customer experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Atlassian transformed their marketing strategies, achieving 71% increase in customer conversions with ActionIQ audiences over control. Through granular segmentation of first-party data, they elevated their customer acquisition game, achieving a 5X increase in reach, a 6.7% saving in paid media costs and 50% reduction in RoAS.

Get the strategies and use-cases that Atlassian launched to achieve these results in the full case study:

With a customer data strategy that saves time and dollars with the flexibility to grow with the business — the Atlassian team can optimize their resources where it matters and reach a new level of efficiency to power growth.

Discover the first three use cases that the Atlassian team initiated with a composable Customer Data Platform to see exactly how they increased conversions by 71% and increased their reach by 5X.

Ariane Sedghi
Ariane Sedghi
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Ariane is a dynamic product marketer supporting enterprise businesses in delivering authentic customer experiences. She drives impactful customer programs and thought leadership across ActionIQ’s expansive client base — educating the market on the value of ActionIQ that has powered growth for brands including The Washington Post, Michael Kors, Docusign, Conde Nast, Hertz and more. Find her on LinkedIn.
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