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The Largest Customer-Centric Companies are Powered by ActionIQ

Why Brands Choose ActionIQ

ActionIQ is the platform of choice for organizations needing to manage complex customer data, channels, and operational requirements. Brands choose ActionIQ to completely transform how they understand and deliver experiences to their customers.

Developing Multi-Channel Customer Journeys

Morgan Stanley

Shopify Unifies and Scales the Merchant Experience


The New York Times Unlocks Data and Insights

Customer Stories

See how the world's leading brands are powering authentic customer experiences with ActionIQ

Financial Services



Orchestrate direct, digital-first experiences that give your clients the products and services they need to navigate their financial lives


360° View of User Activity

Push cross-channel customer behaviors to CRM and drive more personalized banker engagement

Product Cross-Sell

Calculate audience affinities for specific products and launching omnichannel journeys based on preferences

Customer Retention

Build proactive renewal journeys for clients nearing end of policy or showing high-propensity to churn

Media & Advertising


Deploy orchestrated user experiences that drive subscription growth and new product revenue, reducing dependence on advertising


Trial to Paid

Create a personalized conversion journey, spanning every touchpoint, for trial users who hit the paywall

New Products

Intelligently cross-sell to drive new revenue, increasing user engagement and stickiness

High Value Retention

Personalize timing and type of offer based on subscriber value and likelihood to churn


Pandora Media Case Study

See how Pandora Media powered subscriber growth and retention while lowering costs through a self-service, scalable CDP.

Retail & CPG



Orchestrate memorable products and experiences across the full customer lifecycle and all your channels - driving sustainable loyalty and retention.


Reduce CAC

Suppress existing and low-value customers in expensive acquisition channels. Cross-sell products at scale based on demographics, behavior, lookalikes and more

Grow LTV

Cross sell products at scale based on demographics, behavior, lookalikes and more

Mitigate Churn

Identify at-risk customers and deploy personalized retention journeys across email, direct mail and paid media


Vera Bradley CDP Case Study

See how Vera Bradley created a blueprint for multi-year business transformation towards customer centricity.



Deliver superior technology and experiences. No matter where your customer falls on the B2B / B2C spectrum, they will go with the brand who knows who they are, not where they work, and how to best serve their needs.


360° View of User Activity

Ingest cross-channel behaviors to drive more consistent and personalized messaging across marketing, sales, and servicing

Plan Up-Sell

Calculate audience affinites for specific products and launch omnichannel journeys based on preferences

User Retention

Build proactive renewal journeys for users/accounts nearing end of policy or showing high-propensity to churn


"With ActionIQ, our people, processes, and technology are more tightly integrated than ever before."

VP Data Engineering,
Global Software Company

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