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Leading Brands Partner With ActionIQ

The top global brands trust ActionIQ to deliver transformative, personalized customer experiences at scale.


Retail is changing faster than perhaps any other industry. Brands must transform their business models and create unique customer experiences to survive in this new environment. Direct to consumer, customer-centricity, and omnichannel delivery are now table stakes for every retailer. ActionIQ partners with retailers to deliver personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty and LTV.


increase in marketing ROI


increase in repeat purchase rate


increase in high LTV customer retention

Global Retailer Grows Repeat Purchases

A global retail brand managed marketing across its various channels separately—investing significant resources to try to keep everything in sync. Seeking to create more seamless experiences across all customer touchpoints, the retailer implemented ActionIQ’s dynamic journeys and real-time triggers across digital and in-store channels. With its new, more customer-centric approach, the retailer was able to increase second purchase rate by 35%.

We have implemented ActionIQ to help unify our data and, more importantly, to activate that data in real time. The speed at which we can engage custom audiences has enabled us do much deeper work on specific products that make for a long-term, happy, and engaged customer.

Daren Hull, Chief Customer Officer

Media & Entertainment

With Facebook and Google holding a near monopoly in advertising, digital media brands can’t rely on their traditional ad revenue model to drive sustainable growth. Top brands are partnering with ActionIQ to deploy AI on their unified first-party data to make a strategic shift towards paid subscription services with premium content features.

Global Media Company Gains an Edge

A leading global media company was under threat from new distribution models and a decline in advertising revenue. To compete, it decided to focus on driving subscriber loyalty and LTV. The company initiated a transformation effort to operationalize its trove of subscriber profile, purchase and digital data. Leveraging ActionIQ, the company onboarded its database of 100+ million active users and years of granular digital behaviors in under 90 days.


decrease in customer churn rate


increase in conversion rate


decrease in campaign lead time

ActionIQ can sit on top our data lake and run increasingly large scale marketing operations for us, which has been a real sore spot for us historically.

Nick Rockwell, Chief Technology Officer


The “subscription economy” is booming, but competition is fierce. Customer acquisition costs continue to rise and churn remains a challenge to sustainable growth. ActionIQ enables a brand to control both by leveraging its goldmine of data to more efficiently acquire and retain high value users.


increase in LTV across key customer segments


 increase in retention across key customer segments


reduction in CAC

Subscription Media Brand Moves to 1:1 Personalization

Before ActionIQ, a subscription media brand sent basic one-size-fits-all email campaigns, despite collecting millions of data points describing where and how users engaged with their content. Leveraging ActionIQ’s native AI features, the brand was able to tap into this rich set of data and move to model-based targeting and recommendations, reducing high LTV customer churn rate by 45%.

ActionIQ has been the best partner I have worked with during my career. Their platform has proven to be technically solid and performant, and every person we have interacted with has been extremely helpful and quick to help us implement their solution.

David Hassler, MarTech Director


With increasing industry consolidation, enticing competitive products, and high customer expectations, telcos face complex challenges to retaining customers and growing the business. Speed and agility is a competitive advantage, and the top telcos partner with ActionIQ to move faster and continuously improve their data-driven customer experiences.

Telco Boosts Conversion and Speeds Time-to-Market

A major telco brand employed a manual audience creation process that resulted in time consuming back-and-forth between IT and marketing. Concerned about missed opportunities, the brand shifted its audience creation process to ActionIQ. With newly empowered marketers, campaign lead times were reduced by 70% and conversion increased by 30%.


increase in conversion rate


reduction in churn among high LTV customers


reduction in time to bring new ideas to market

With ActionIQ, our people, processes, and technology are more tightly integrated than ever before.

- VP Data Engineering, Global Telco

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