How Composable CDPs Empower B2B Brands to Achieve Growth

How Composable CDPs Empower B2B Brands to Achieve Growth

For B2B marketers, it’s a new year with the same story. Customer insights are scattered across departments, and trapped in different marketing systems and tools. Marketers rely on IT and data analytics for basic data extraction, leading to long lead times, taking weeks or even months to execute.

Prospect and customer interactions span multiple channels and demand timely responses. Marketing teams face challenges in targeting the right audiences at the right time, on top of delays due to manual campaign activation – all directly impacting conversion rates and lead nurturing.

Beyond that, buying teams have different priorities and needs with decision makers, influencers, a champion, and possibly a detractor across roles and titles. Closing that deal and keeping it means using all of that data strategically across the funnel and beyond, tailoring communication to each stakeholder, recognizing their unique roles, needs, and pain points.

With tightening budgets and resources, that level of data-driven customer experience may seem unattainable. Enter the Customer Data Platform (CDP). (Download our B2B CDP Solution Sheet here.)

Drive Better Pipeline With a Customer Data Platform

CDPs enable marketing and customer experience teams to get visibility into prospects and customers, hyper-segment audiences and launch real-time and orchestrated customer experiences across channels.

This doesn’t just mean better experiences for customers – this means more efficiency (to the tune of 65% faster audience creation), more savings (50% reduction in RoAS with better use of first-party data) and more strategic application of first-party data designed for high growth and cost-savings. Below, we’ll show you how it’s done.

Deliver Better B2B Interactions with a Composable CDP

Composable CDPs change how businesses engage with their customers. With a future-proof architecture and modular functionalities, businesses are empowered to keep pipeline progression going while meeting the demands of today’s customers.

Below, we’ll take a look at what a Composable CDP means for B2B brands.

Composable Architecture: Use Your Data Investment Instantly

ActionIQ’s Composable CDP for B2B has a zero-copy architecture, securely tapping into your existing data infrastructure, without the need for data duplication.

This enables marketers to tap into existing data investments via a no-code UI, giving them instant access and operationalization of centralized data, to quickly respond to dynamic customer needs, for agility in changing strategies and approaches.

Flexible Data Models: Get Deeper Customer Insights Across Hierarchies

With flexible data models, ActionIQ’s Composable CDP addresses data complexities by accommodating hierarchies, relationships, and identity resolution.

Marketers can hypersegment and target audiences across any hierarchy, whether at the account or contact level, all with a comprehensive understanding of prospects and customers, enabling relevant targeting strategies. This helps teams tackle complex buying processes and diverse stakeholder dynamics.

Self-Service Audiencing: Give Secure, Direct Data Access for Marketing Teams

A user-friendly interface empowers business teams with direct and controlled access to customer data, giving marketers the ability to build granular, multi-dimensional audience segments for personalized engagements across the buying journey—without dependence on IT.

Features tailored for B2B needs enhance user experience by prioritizing accuracy and efficiency. This includes the seamless organization of attributes and audiences across entities, supporting diverse targeting requirements.

Automated Omnichannel Experience: Scale Hyper-Personalization

Through multi-step journey orchestration, robust integrations with various B2B channels, and powerful AI decisioning for optimal offer, lookalikes, and more, ActionIQ enables cohesive, tailored interactions across touchpoints.

This guarantees a consistent brand experience that not only strengthens relationships but also enhances customer satisfaction throughout the buyer’s journey.

The Benefits of a Composable CDP in Action

Through table-stakes campaigns like cross-sell and upsell to AI-enabled modeling designed for B2B use cases, all the way to strategies designed to help brands save spend while enabling better experiences, CDPs support the full spectrum of the buying journey. Below, check out a few highlights with real results.

Atlassian Moves 65% Faster, Reduces RoAS by 50% and Increases Conversion by 71%

Challenged by managing vast volumes of customer data dispersed across various sources, Atlassian, with 288 million customers and 10 terabytes of data, sought a flexible, scalable solution to bridge their data and marketing teams.

Traditional methods fell short, prompting a search for a composable, agile platform that would enable them to maximize the existing data investment, without disrupting the stack.

By using ActionIQ’s Composable CDP atop Databricks, Atlassian’s marketing teams orchestrated personalized experiences across the customer lifecycle. The user-friendly interface empowered teams to build audiences faster, explore more in-depth segments, optimize resources, and drive growth.

The results? Atlassian streamlined its marketing strategies, achieving a 65% faster audience creation, a 5X increase in reach through first-party acquisition, and a remarkable 71% higher customer conversion compared to the control.

Autodesk Breaks Down Silos to Become Customer-Centric

Amid Autodesk’s shift to a subscription model, the company faced struggle with scattered customer data residing in disconnected systems, impeding personalized experiences.

Recognizing the need for a centralized platform, they chose ActionIQ for its integrated approach.

ActionIQ’s Composable CDP empowered Autodesk, facilitated detailed customer segmentation and rapid adjustments to improve strategies.

This transformative shift redefined Autodesk’s team’s key performance indicators, setting a new benchmark for future success.

Get Ahead with ActionIQ’s Composable CDP for B2B

Don’t waste your time with a CDP that doesn’t have the B2B functionality you need. With industry experts that understand your unique use-cases and needs, you can improve your customer experiences while improving efficiency and optimizing costs.

Contact the ActionIQ team today to discover how the ActionIQ’s Composable CDP can supercharge your B2B campaigns with unparalleled precision, going beyond limits to unlock deep insights tailored to your unique customer definitions.

Sophie Wang
Sophie Wang
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Sophie is a strategic and data-driven marketer who's passionate about turning customer insights into exceptional experiences. She uses her technical expertise to help enterprise organizations overcome data challenges and support digital transformation.
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