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ActionIQ x Iterable Solution Brief
Solution Brief

ActionIQ x Iterable Solution Brief

Brands have made significant investments in channel technologies, with email oftentimes serving as the center of their first-party data strategy. With the limited data capabilities of end delivery platforms, their intentions of enhancing customer experience with next-level personalization can oftentimes fall short. 

As organizations refocus efforts on centralizing data, intelligence and orchestration, there is an opportunity to combine delivery tools with a CX Hub. Understand how the AIQ CX Hub partners with the leading cross-channel marketing tool, Iterable and enables organizations to future-proof their identity strategy in an ever-evolving environment.

The Enterprise Guide to Real-Time CX Powered by Continuous Intelligence

The Enterprise Guide to Real-Time CX Powered by Continuous Intelligence

Meeting today’s business needs of making real-time, intelligence-fueled decisions, delivering speed without sacrificing decision quality is at the top of IT teams’ agenda.

Build a real-time customer experience stack powered by continuous intelligence to achieve your organization’s real-time CX goals.

Solution Sheet

ActionIQ CXH for Financial Services

Financial services organizations need to shift to a digital-first ecosystem and create real-time personalized experiences. By providing all teams with direct but governed self-service access to customer data, businesses can reduce complexity and drive seamless experiences across all touch points. With ActionIQ, Financial Services brands can execute experiences that drive acquisition, engagement and retention.

Download this solution sheet to learn how ActionIQ helps Financial Services brands:

  • Provide marketers with centralized and governed access to customer data
  • Increase the velocity and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Bridge the information gap with their customers
  • Execute coordinated high touch and digital experiences
Solution Sheet

ActionIQ CX Hub for Insurers

Insurance products and services can be very complex, and policyholders need to confidently weigh and navigate through all their unique options. ActionIQ CXH for Insurers enables organizations to simplify communications and create transparency with policyholders. 

Download the CX Hub for Insurers Solution Sheet to learn how ActionIQ helps insurers:

  • Provide marketers with centralized and governed access to customer data
  • Increase the velocity and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Bridge the information gap with their customers
  • Execute coordinated high-touch and digital experiences

The Enterprise Guide to Acquisition Marketing Powered by First-Party Data

The loss of anonymous third-party data and other changes to user-tracking capabilities have made customer acquisition marketing strategies and technologies — such as data management platforms (DMP) — obsolete.

As a result, advertisers must change their approach to assembling, analyzing and activating customer data in order to execute business-critical use cases.

With the right tools and strategy in place, brands can manage data governance, costs and performance to drive growth through extraordinary customer experiences by adopting a smart hub approach.

Download the new guide to customer acquisition marketing and learn how to:

  • Implement new strategies to collect and manage first-party data
  • Create a future-proof customer-centric solution to inspire long-term loyalty
  • Understand the consequences of DMPs and how to solve for these use cases

2022 Holiday Readiness Guide

Every holiday season brings obstacles and opportunities. From the roles of physical and digital storefronts to third-party cookie deprecation, brands must navigate potential challenges and put their customers at the center of their business strategies to succeed.

Start by ensuring you have accurate, accessible and actionable customer data  — and the tools necessary to collect and activate it.

Download the guide to learn:

  • What brands should prepare for this holiday season
  • CX tips and trends to guide business strategy
  • How leading brands are leveraging customer data

The Enterprise Guide to Composable CDPs

Prepackaged customer data technologies were once a necessary evil for IT teams — but no more.

Discover unbundled CDPs so that your IT teams can reduce operational effort, increase productivity and cut costs.

Download the Composable CDP Guide to learn how AIQ helps you:

  • Identify the advantages of a composable CDP for your business
  • Learn what the required capabilities of a unbundled CDP should be
  • Uncover what a best-in-class composable CDP blueprint should look like

2022 Leadership Compass on Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) by KuppingerCole Analysts AG

ActionIQ was named an Overall Leader, Product Leader and Innovation Leader in the 2022 Leadership Compass on Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) by KuppingerCole Analysts AG. The Leadership Compass report analyzes CDP solutions on the market to give an overview of the market positions of the vendors and the functionality of the solutions.

Download the report to learn about:

  • CDP market overview
  • CDP vendor market positions
  • Vendor solutions & functions

The Insurer’s Guide to Hyper-Personalizing the Policyholder Experience

For years, Insurers have been focusing on building out multi-channel experiences, but struggle to do so due to all the internal data complexity. With more and more digital native competitors entering the market and policyholder’s expectations for fast, personalized interactions only growing, the traditional commoditized communications no longer work – in fact they just hurt the overall experience.

The key to moving from commoditized to personalized experiences is understanding your audiences. Download this guide to learn how to:

  • Give business teams access to customer data for discovery and segmentation
  • Hyper-segment and model audiences for personalization
  • Automate audience activation for speed and scale 

How to Save Money & Retain Customers With Your CX Strategy

Enterprise brands are often focused on customer acquisition, but cost savings and customer retention are key to bottom-line growth.

To drive profit, organizations must save money and retain customers — but never by sacrificing customer experience.

With the right tools and tactics in place, brands can cut costs and boost value while providing extraordinary CX.


The Enterprise Guide to Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is the foundation of personalized, relevant and impactful customer experiences.

But without complete, accurate and accessible customer data, organizations are left with substandard segmentation that leads to wasted advertising spend, missed engagement opportunities and preventable customer churn.

Enterprise brands must build speed, agility and granularity into their segmentation strategies.


Webinar: Are You Ready For a CDP?

One of the most common challenges among organizations implementing new technology is adoption and evangelism – structuring a defined post-purchase strategy to create runway for enterprise scale and business access to data. In fact, the CDP Institute’s latest member survey cited organizational readiness as the most common problem listed by members with a deployed CDP. 

Join Jason Langsner, The Washington Post’s Senior Product Manager for WaPo 360, a new audience development and analytics initiative, as he discusses how The Post selected and successfully evangelized the CDP to scale adoption, set teams up for long-term success and ramp up key use cases quickly. 

You’ll learn:

  • Practical, tactical and strategic considerations for leading an effective implementation and creating internal champions
  • Learnings from The Post’s implementation to optimize your own CDP deployment
  • Early use cases and proof points resulting from The Post’s successful adoption