Build Trusted Relationships with Policyholders

Personalize omnichannel interactions across call centers, digital, in-person and media channels.

Engage policyholders beyond just life events


Secure Channel and Data Integration

Bring together online and offline customer data and activities to deliver consistent brand messaging.


Personalized Acquisition and Retention

Create customized product offerings, quotes and communications based on the policyholder’s needs and risk tolerance.


Consistent Communications Across Audiences

Deliver connected experiences across policyholders, households, agents and carriers across your specific use case, from B2B, B2C or B2B2C.

Learn Why Industry Leaders Choose AIQ

Verlyn Fischer
Principal Product Manager, Acrisure

"We can no longer spend days defining audiences and moving levers and knobs to launch a campaign. Having all of our data consolidated and being able to push audiences to platforms and learn something fast is really powerful for us. ActionIQ allows us to streamline, make decisions and test and learn quickly."

Activate Experiences Across a Complex Ecosystem


Digital Acquisition

Optimize ad-spend across digital channels by assessing performance and iterating in real time.


Cross Sell

Embedded Insurance Offers

Target customers with a high need or affinity to buy new policies or add-on services at the point of purchase.


Post-Purchase Engagement

Increase touchpoints by identifying opportunities to deliver relevant experiences throughout the policyholder’s lifetime.



Differentiated CX

Move past commoditized offerings by customizing customer experiences.

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