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Solution Brief

ActionIQ Identity Solution Brief

With ActionIQ Identity you’ll manage and resolve identities across anonymous and known customers across first-, second- and third-party sources of your choice, all while respecting privacy regulations.

Solution Sheet

ActionIQ CXH for Travel & Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality brands know that they need to drive personalization and engagement, but foundational to this is a data strategy. The more brands understand the customers, the more they’ll be able to increase loyalty and repeat bookings. 

Download this solution sheet to learn how ActionIQ helps travel and hospitality brands:

  • Provide call center reps, marketing and agents with a 360 view of customers
  • Create value based promotions by understanding intent, behavioral or booking history
  • Increase the velocity of campaigns by providing marketers with the independence to create customer segments and execute customer journeys
  • Drive customer loyalty through differentiated and personalized experiences
Solution Brief

Acquisition Marketing Solution Brief

With data management platforms (DMPs) being sunsetted paired with the death of third-party cookies, acquisition strategies will need to evolve. Organizations struggle to determine the best solution to take them into the future while replacing key acquisition marketing functionality they have traditionally relied on.

Understand how the AIQ CX Hub enables organizations to future-proof their acquisition strategy with first-party data in an ever-evolving environment.

Download the Acquisition Marketing Solution Brief to learn how AIQ helps you:

  • Eliminate expensive and inefficient DMP technology with future-proof solutions
  • Optimize targeting and use advanced segmentation and lookalike modeling to reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Stitch together first- and third-party ID graphs to avoid lock-in and adapt to a changing identity market
Solution Brief

InfiniteCompute Solution Brief

IT professionals want to maintain data security and governance, manage costs and improve performance. And they want to do it on their terms.

But bundled customer data technologies force IT teams to bend to prepackaged system architectures, leading to increased operational effort, lost productivity and unnecessary expenses.

AIQ InfiniteCompute removes technology roadblocks and unlocks unlimited flexibility, automatically scaling customer data operations while allowing IT professionals to decide where data lives and is queried.

Download the solution brief to learn how AIQ helps you:

  • Auto-adjust and auto-scale for any workload in real time to meet organizational requirements
  • Choose where data is stored and queried to improve security and fit existing technology investments
  • Implement an unbundled CDP to suit both technical and business needs
Solution Brief

CX Hub Solution Brief

Every enterprise is on a path to customer-centricity and personalized experiences, yet they all face the same set of challenges – balancing organizational agility, efficiency and control.  

Business teams crave direct access to explore and action on customer data, while technical teams need to automate manual processes and retain control over costs, data governance and tech investments. These competing priorities lead to internal chaos and poor CX.

The ActionIQ CX Hub sits at the core of your stack and is the axis around which all CX operations revolve — with every data source, system and channel flowing in and out of it. It adapts to your needs and removes internal tradeoffs by giving business teams a self-service hub to unify customer acquisition, growth and retention use cases while providing technology teams with fully modular and integrated capabilities that enable automation and control. 

Download this guide to learn how the AIQ CX Hub helps you create a customer 360, segment audiences, orchestrate journeys and provide real-time experiences using powerful and fully customizable modular solutions.

Solution Sheet


Special offers delivered in the right place at the right time help brands increase conversions and build customer loyalty. The trick is doing it at scale.

OfferCodes enables organizations to seamlessly import and assign codes across all marketing, sales and customer service channels to power personalized customer experiences in real time.

Solution Sheet

Customer Journey Management

The modern consumer engages with brands across multiple channels, devices and business teams. Brands must provide consistent, personalized experiences whenever and wherever customers want in order to meet expectations.

Customer Journey Management combines scalable customer insights, advanced customer segmentation and cross-channel experience orchestration to help brands replace obsolete campaign management tactics. Increase customer lifetime value and eliminate costly inefficiencies while providing customers with superior CX.

Solution Brief

ActionIQ Government Regulations Compliance Brief

Data security is a top priority for consumers and regulators alike. To meet expectations and succeed in an ever-changing regulatory environment, brands must put it at the center of their business strategies.

ActionIQ helps organizations maintain regulatory compliance by employing tools, processes and best practices built with data protection and privacy in mind.

Solution Brief

ActionIQ Security Brief

To achieve customer centricity, brands must navigate increasingly complex marketing technology stacks and an ever-expanding number of systems for managing customer data. As a result, trust between organizations and their technology vendors has never been more important.

ActionIQ helps organizations maintain security by prioritizing tools, processes and best practices that keep brands and their customer data safe.

Solution Brief

ActionIQ Integrations

The tools that make up a marketing technology stack must work together to drive revenue and improve customer experiences. That’s why brands are focused on tech that supports scalability, flexibility and reliability via integrations.

ActionIQ helps organizations maximize the value of their existing technologies — from data ingestion to activation — by integrating with a wide variety of both homegrown and vendor-provided solutions.

Solution Sheet

ActionIQ Tag

To deliver relevant and authentic real-time customer experiences, brands must be able to understand user behaviors across their websites and applications.

The ActionIQ Tag helps organizations provide timely CX based on the full customer profile by rapidly interpreting and activating data based on all web and mobile activity.

Solution Brief

CX for Advertisers Solution Brief

To deliver personalized customer experiences in a post-cookie world, advertisers must be able to bridge the gap between unknown and known customer journeys with authenticated first-party data.

CX for Advertisers combines data collection, identity resolution, audiencing and orchestration to replace outdated tools and tactics with future-proof strategy. Acquire and convert customers while expanding data capture, increasing efficiency and growing revenue.