Solution Brief

ActionIQ x InfoSum Solution Brief

Learn how ActionIQ & InfoSum work together to build modern composable customer data stacks and maximize tech investments

InfoSum x ActionIQ Solution Brief


In a saturated market with changing regulations, brands are challenged to find innovative ways to create impactful, scalable and secure customer experiences (CX). As marketers migrate from third-party cookies, it’s critical to leverage a solution that’s both sustainable and delivers the experiences today’s customers expect.

The ActionIQ CX Hub paired with InfoSum’s clean room infrastructure enables businesses to activate one-to-one customer experiences across the entire journey in a privacy-first way

Download this Solution Brief to learn how ActionIQ & InfoSum can help you:

  • Drive Loyalty Through Personalization
  • Increase Revenue & Cost Reduction
  • Future-Proof Your AdTech Stack
  • Increase Security & Compliance

Download the Solution Brief

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