Case Study

How Atlassian Kicked Growth into High Gear

With 71% Higher Conversion and 65% Faster Campaigns

Atlassian Case Study - Higher Conversion and Faster Campaigns


Atlassian knows that with the right team working together, making the impossible happen is actually — possible.

When Atlassian’s team needed to scale its ever-growing business to new heights with connected, personalized customer moments, it looked for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to help them go quickly from data warehouse to amazing customer experience — both for the customer and for Atlassian’s team.

In this story, discover how Atlassian:

  • Creates audiences 65% faster
  • Went from 300+ lines of SQL code to just 8 filters
  • Increased reach by 5X with first-party powered acquisition
  • Converted 71% more customers with a CDP vs. control

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