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Increase the Value of Your Salesforce Stack With ActionIQ

Achieve efficiency and agility while providing extraordinary CX

ActionIQ x Salesforce Solution Brief


To build an effective martech stack that delivers exceptional customer experiences, choosing the right tools that integrate well with the rest of the stack is critical. ActionIQ helps you strengthen your Salesforce stack and get more value out of your Salesforce investments.

While it may seem like a no-brainer for enterprises that already use one or more Salesforce tools to add the Salesforce CDP to their stack, it might not be the right choice. ActionIQ’s composable solution integrates seamlessly with the Salesforce stack, and has been chosen over Salesforce CDP by multiple enterprise companies. With a flexible infrastructure and user-friendly UI, ActionIQ empowers enterprise business users to act on their customer data faster, and for less.

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  • Why ActionIQ is a good choice to add to your Salesforce stack
  • What Salesforce products ActionIQ integrates with
  • How ActionIQ integrates with these Salesforce products

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