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Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help the world’s biggest brands bridge the gap between data sources and business users so they can deliver personalized, timely and impactful customer experiences.

What We Do

We work and play hard together. When we’re not solving complex marketing challenges for our customers in a dynamic and collaborative work environment, we’re eating, exercising, gaming and more to spice things up.


We strive to create an environment where you can be your authentic self. We promote pay equity, train our managers on behaviors of inclusion and create a safe space to acknowledge important holidays, cultural moments and current events to make sure all of our employees are seen and heard. Our success is driven by a culture of respect, and we embrace what makes our employees and customers unique.


Meet the Team


Marketing to marketers is a hard nut to crack, especially when you add in complex technology, an undefined market and a competitive landscape. But this is the challenge that drives our Marketing team. We work relentlessly to build credibility for an incredible company and drive demand across enterprise organizations.

“I continue to be impressed by the kindness and intelligence of my colleagues on the Marketing team and across the company! Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected my career was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do and I’m so grateful to have found ActionIQ!”


Devin Brodie
Marketing Operations Manager


Our Sales team rallies around one key principle: trust. It’s not enough that our product kicks ass. We take pride in knowing our stuff — from business use cases to technical details. Customers work with our team because we’re open and honest. We build relationships that last by understanding customers’ challenges and helping them reach their goals.

“Every account win and every account loss brings significant learnings and growth. Every day. Our Sales support and enablement teams here at ActionIQ are incredible. I couldn’t do what I do without them all. Every win is ‘our’ win.”


Cindy Kenyon-Carpenter
Director, Enterprise Sales

Customer Success & Field Services

The Customer Success and Field Services teams are where the rubber meets the road and our software becomes customer value. Our Customer Success team works with customers to learn what will make them successful, map out desired results and put plans into action. Our Field Services team uses its data engineering expertise to help customers bring their marketing campaigns to life. Together we’re an unbeatable combination.

“Since starting as an engagement manager, I’ve managed multiple deployments and developed meaningful relationships with my clients that I’ll carry with me throughout my career. It’s also the little things, like a handwritten card from a client over the holidays or a funny story about their weekend adventures, that make the role more than just a job!”


Kavita Bahadur Aziz
Engagement Manager


Our Engineering team is driven to deliver excellence — building the product, platform and infrastructure that fuels customer success. We work in tight, nimble teams that collaborate closely with others across the company to ensure our work meets the current and future needs of our customers. When we're not shipping code, you can find us at a hackathon, a fun team event or writing about our work on Medium.

“When I first started at AIQ, I didn’t know much of anything about backend systems and I would pigeonhole myself into just doing UI work. After two years of working here, though, I can confidently say I’m a more well-rounded engineer who can comfortably work across the stack.”

Group 2285

Olivia Dawd
Software Engineer

Product & Design

Our Product and Design teams take on complex challenges and deliver transformational value to customers in different ways. The Product team creates intuitive features and functionalities that solve complex problems and make product users’ lives easier. The Design team helps customers transform data into insight via user-friendly UX and elegant visuals. Together we provide best-in-class products that meet customers’ sophisticated, ever-changing needs.

“Working on the Product team lets us take a step back from how our platform works today and focus on what could be possible in the future. It's both exciting and challenging to be in the position of prioritizing what we need to work on and when to continue pushing our product forward to make it more valuable for our customers and more competitive in the market.”


Annie McClorey
Product Manager

Data Science

Our Data Science team executes on our unique vision for machine learning. We call it “white-box modeling,” and it’s focused on creating systems that seamlessly weave together models and human operators. We work closely with customers to conduct predictive modeling explorations and build groundbreaking new product features. We’re also known to keep everyone on their toes by asking tough questions and ensuring we can back up all decisions with numbers.

“Data Science at ActionIQ plays an important role both for customer-facing and internal projects, working collaboratively with other teams to build models that operate at scale and produce insights that contribute to business decisions. I’m ecstatic to be part of the team that contributes to the data-driven mission of our company.”


Amanda Pogue
Data Scientist


The People team’s mission is to enable the entire company to succeed as individuals and employees. By serving as business partners across the organization, we manage the success of our people from their initial application to tenure with the company. We drive innovative programs that embrace diversity and provide equitable experiences for all candidates and employees. As we focus on balancing both talent acquisition and talent management and growth, we’re a proactive resource for company benefits, policies, recruitment and training — all while maintaining the culture, values and overall mission of the company.

“While every day brings about various challenges, our team's diverse skill sets quickly turn challenges into strategic moments of collaboration that make every day a unique and meaningful experience. I am very proud to be a part of the People team at ActionIQ and look forward to all that is ahead for our team and company.”


Allie Bonesho
People Operations Associate

Operations & Finance

What’s better than making sure numbers make sense and operational processes & controls are running smoothly? Nothing, if you ask our Operations & Finance team. We work to deliver across every department — from legal and accounting to revenue operations and office management. We provide visibility, simplicity and a metrics-driven focus to the entire company to support our accelerating growth.

“Each day at ActionIQ is a new adventure. I get the opportunity to learn and grow on a constant basis. The culture and the people are the best I have experienced in my career and I feel like there is true recognition of hard work and contribution. This is more than a workplace — people genuinely care about each other.”


Liran Ayalon
Director of Accounting & Finance


We’re committed to providing our team with benefits that enhance both their mental and physical well-being.


Work / Life Balance

We believe supporting your life outside of ActionIQ is critical to you doing your best work. We do all we can to ensure you love what you do and have the tools, technology and support you need to find happiness and success with us.


Professional Development

We cherish your professional interests and natural talents. You’ll have the opportunity to explore, enhance and broaden your skill set with conferences, workshops, experiential learning, cross-team collaboration and more. Curiosity and a willingness to learn are key at ActionIQ.


Health & Wellness

We offer benefits related to fitness, healthy eating and overall quality of life, including discounts and reimbursement options for gym memberships. We also offer assistance programs to help our employees when they go through challenging times both at and outside work. We cover 99% of employee health insurance plans and 90% of dependent plans.


Maternity & Paternity Leave

If you’re a parent-to-be, congratulations! We’ve got you covered. We offer many options for taking paid time off to spend with the newest member of your family.


Flexible PTO

We don’t track how much paid time off every employee takes. We trust employees to manage their own vacation schedule to maintain the right level of work-life balance.


401(k) Plan

We provide a 401(k) plan because we believe it should be easy for everyone to save and invest in their future.

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“Best health insurance for a startup. Meaningful work-life balance. Benefits that matter.”


“I think AIQ fosters a caring, driven culture where people are empowered to succeed. There is transparency at the company, which is incredibly important. Additionally, the benefits are great and very appreciated”


“We provide solid benefits and show that we care about our employees' health, happiness and growth.”

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