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ActionIQ is revolutionizing marketing technology in the world’s top tech city.

Our Unique Culture

ActionIQ is made up of an amazing team whose interests are as varied as our backgrounds. We work hard - solving complex marketing challenges for our customers in a dynamic, collaborative, and exciting work environment. We work and play hard together - eating & drinking, exercising, gaming, cooking, (and more!) - to keep things fun.

AIQ Team 2019

Meaningful Benefits & Perks

We don’t do perks for the sake of perks. Our benefits are meant to help our employees be more productive, healthier, and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with each other. We also optimize for transparency and empowerment in every process that we design.

Top-notch Healthcare

Through SequoiaOne we are able to provide health insurance at par with large, established companies. We cover 99% of employee health plans and 90% of dependent plans, as needed.

401(k) Plan

We provide a 401(k) plan because we believe that saving and investing in your future is a good thing.

Do-not-track Vacation

We do not track how much time off every employee takes. We trust employees to manage their own vacation schedule to maintain the right level of work/life balance.

Family-friendly Environment

In addition to dependent care coverage, we also provide family leave and flexible hours for child/dependent care. Several of our company events, like the annual holiday party, are family friendly and every so often you may even get to cuddle with a furry family member!

Team Events

Employees self-organize into groups to do fun activities - ranging from classes, archery and escape the room to rock climbing and SoulCycle - at the company’s expense. These team building and fitness activities not only keep us sharp and healthy, but also help build deeper, more productive relationships with our co-workers!

Weekly All-Hands

Every week we put together an internal public document with the good, the bad and the ugly of what went down. We then sit down together for lunch and engage in a lively Q&A session where the leadership team addresses questions from employees. This steers us clear of rumor mills around our Bevi machine.

Thursday Lunches

An algorithm--jointly designed by our CTO and our hackathon team--matches up employees in groups of 5-6 for an all-expenses covered lunch. It’s a great way to find out what different teams are working on and build relationships with one another.

Office Goodies

Fresh fruit and veggies, snacks, sandwich fixings, a Bevi machine, juice and sodas, cold brew & kombucha on tap, aeropress coffee - whatever it takes to keep you going! And for happy hours and special events, we have our own hand-made and employee-staffed speakeasy bar - The Wiggler!

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Meet the Departments


The product team at ActionIQ is responsible for taking complex problems and distilling them into products that deliver transformational value for our clients. Part science and part art, we sit at the intersection of design & development, go-to-market and customer success. Our team loves taking on challenging left-brain/right-brain work that spans everything from understanding sophisticated user workflows and building deep client relationships to figuring out how to differentiate in a competitive and noisy market.


Engineers at ActionIQ are driven to deliver excellence, building the product, platform, and infrastructure that enables the success of our clients. We work in tight, nimble teams that collaborate closely with other functions to ensure that what we build meets the current and future needs of our clients. When we're not shipping code, you can find us at hackathon, a fun team event, or writing about our work on Medium.

Data Science

The data science team at ActionIQ executes on our unique vision for machine learning. We call it “white-box modeling,” and it’s focused on creating systems that seamlessly weave models with human operators. As part of achieving our mission, we work closely with clients, conduct predictive modeling explorations, and build groundbreaking new product features. In our spare time, we are known to keep everyone around us on their toes, asking tough questions to ensure that as a company we back up decisions with numbers!


The design team at ActionIQ takes on an exciting challenge: distilling the complex use cases of our customers into intuitive workflows, simple UX and beautiful visuals. Our customers need to derive value from massive amounts of disparate behavioral data. And, they expect their tools to understand them, not be forced to learn a new system. The design team translates these requirements into a new class of data products that meet our customers’ sophisticated, ever-changing needs.

Customer Success

At ActionIQ, the customer success team is where the rubber meets the road, where software becomes customer value. Our Engagement group engages with customers to learn what will make them successful, maps out desired results, and then partners with the customer in working hard to achieve them. Our Field Engineering group is responsible for data engineering, and for helping our customers make their marketing campaigns come to life inside ActionIQ. Together, we make an unbeatable team.


The Sales Team at ActionIQ is forged around two simple principles: trust and credibility. It’s not enough that our product kicks ass. We take pride in knowing our stuff, from use cases to technical details. Customers work with our team because we’re authentic and transparent. We understand their problems and the martech landscape, inside and out. Our team is also fun as hell to be around and we build relationships that last.


Marketing to marketers is a hard nut to crack, especially when you layer in a complex technology, an undefined market, and competitive landscape. But this is the challenge that drives the Marketing team at ActionIQ. We are a small, nimble team with a big objective - build credibility for an incredible company and drive demand across large Fortune 1000s.

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