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Create an Acquisition Marketing Revenue Machine by Breaking Free From Your DMP

You know the music — it’s been a hit for the past three years — third-party cookies are going to be deprecated by Google (eventually). Along with them, DMP technology…

A Post-Cookie Approach to Programmatic Media - How HP Is Taking a CDP-Centric Strategy - image

Three major trends are colliding that are changing the way marketers design their programmatic media strategy. Firstly, the death of third-party cookies are forcing marketers to rethink their data strategy,…

Financial Services CX and Composability - A Conversation with Databricks and ActionIQ

Financial services is an industry that traditionally relies on legacy systems to handle their data. This isn’t good enough anymore. It’s time to break up the legacy party in the…

How Lifecycle Marketing Boosted The Washington Post's Resubscribe Rate by 38%

Readers hold millions of bits and bytes of news in just five inches on a digital screen, with worlds of information under their thumbs. The Washington Post knew that the…

Acquire Humans, Not Bots - Targeting, Return on Ad Spend and Security

In today’s economic climate, many marketing teams are doing their best to make the most out of limited budgets. They face the challenge of continuing to drive better results, but…

Is the Packaged CDP or Bundled CDP Still Relevant / Are Packaged CDPs or Bundled CDPs Still Relevant

Brands evaluating customer data platforms have likely seen ominous headlines about the death of traditional all-in-one packaged customer data platform (CDP) solutions and their inability to completely satisfy both technical…

Questions and Answers About Adopting Composable Architecture with IDC and ActionIQ

If you’ve been on our Blog or surfing our Library section lately, you may think you already have everything you need to know about composable architecture — think again. It’s…

Quality Over Quantity - Top 6 Criteria to Evaluate CDP Integrations

As a powerful tool for collecting, managing, and utilizing customer data, customer data platforms (CDPs) are becoming an increasingly popular investment for brands looking to increase the value of their…

How to Build a Resilient Data Strategy With Composable CDPs -ActionIQ and Saks

Good things don’t always come to those who wait — especially not in retail marketing. In an economy plagued by financial uncertainty, and an environment defined by change in data…

Composable CDP Vendor

What are the hot topics to discuss lately around customer data? Third-party cookies, data clean rooms, generative AI and… composable CDPs! The composable approach has been adopted in the commerce…

hybrid composable CDP

There’s been a lot of buzz in the customer data space with the shift to composable CDPs, which are composable customer data platforms (CDPs) built around a client’s cloud data…

data clean room market - demystified

Before reading about the Data Clean Room market, if you missed our previous piece about Data Clean Rooms (DCRs), catch up on the hype and why we’ll see increased adoption…