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ActionIQ Data Security

From people to technology, ActionIQ has been built from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. We employ best practices to keep your data secured and under your control.

A Culture of Security

We do this by providing proactive security expertise, creating and maintaining a resilient and secure infrastructure, and fostering a culture of security awareness and compliance throughout the organization. At ActionIQ, we operate with a security-first mindset.


Therese Charles
Certified Information Systems Auditor
Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer
Director of Information Security

ActionIQ Security Approach


Security applied across all parts of the ActionIQ platform.


Tools and controls required for compliance with all regulations and policies.


Security-first practices, procedures and culture.


Security audit and certification by third-party experts.


ActionIQ Security Brief

Platform Architecture

The ActionIQ platform is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform, built from the ground up with high standards for security and privacy. These standards apply when data is in transit to the ActionIQ platform, while at rest and while it’s managed within the platform.

ActionIQ configures the platform to support single-tenant customer data for each client, providing a high degree of isolation and protection. Network isolation is also enforced to further protect the environment.

User Access, Governance & Privacy

Robust policies and procedures based on industry best practices are instrumental to protecting customer data. ActionIQ provides tools and controls that allow your enterprise to remain compliant with all regulations and policies while establishing and maintaining trust between you and your customers.

Across the platform, ActionIQ ensures that authentication, authorization and access controls are put in place to limit data and functionality access to the correct user. Multiple options such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication are offered to ensure secure user authentication.

ActionIQ is a data processor and will never sell your data. Federating customer data through ActionIQ provides control and governance capabilities to internal IT teams.

Company Controls

Software and its infrastructure can be rich with security features. But for security to be achieved, the operator of the software must also employ robust security practices down to every individual in the company. ActionIQ is deeply invested in developing a culture of security and takes security as an ongoing and continuous commitment.


Secure Software Development Cycle

ActionIQ employs a secure software development lifecycle to drive the process of building its platform and applications — placing security at the center of every design and development effort.


Controlled & Minimal Employee Access

Carefully manage employee access to the ActionIQ platform with protocols in place from background check and onboarding all the way through employee termination.


Dedicated Security Officer

ActionIQ employs a full time Director of Information Security who oversees and implements the company’s security program and ongoing compliance efforts.

Compliance & Certifications

With security audits and certifications regularly performed by third-party experts, ActionIQ is committed to delivering a best-in-class security and privacy program aligned with industry standards.



ActionIQ Security Brief

Managing data privacy and security has never been more complex given the transformation enterprises are undergoing to become more customer-centric. With increasing mandates for regulatory compliance — and with privacy critical to maintaining consumer trust — security is a top priority.

The ActionIQ Security Brief provides an overview for IT professionals of the policies, practices and culture that constitute our commitment to keeping you and your data safe.

Learn How ActionIQ Security Measures Can Support Your CX Transformation

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