Safeguard Your Customer Data

Rely on best-in-class security across people, processes and technology.

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Security Expertise and Monitoring

Continuous Security Monitoring and Alerting

User Access, Governance & Privacy

Our policies and procedures are based on industry best practices for protecting customer data.

We ensure that authentication, authorization and access controls are put in place across our product to limit data and functionality access to the correct user. Multiple options, such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, are offered to ensure secure user authentication.

Product Architecture

Our cloud-based software-as-a-service product is built from the ground up with high standards for security and privacy.

We configure the product to support single-tenant customer data for each client, providing a high degree of isolation and protection. Network isolation is also enforced to further protect the environment.

Company Controls

Our robust security practices are employed down to every individual in the company.

We employ a secure software development lifecycle to drive the process of building our product and applications, placing security at the center of every design and development effort.

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