Personalize Experiences and Grow Lifetime Value

Acquire, engage and expand customers to drive growth.

Win on Customer Experience


Impactful Insights

Inform engagement based on audience behaviors, preferences, product affinities and projected value.


Optimized Outreach

Improve advertising spend and target audiences that resemble VIP shoppers with high lifetime value.


Scalable Personalization

Automate omnichannel journeys based on purchase frequency, order value and loyalty status.

Brigitte Barron
Director of Global CRM & Customer Growth, e.l.f. Beauty

"We’re really relying heavily on the ability to create our own predictive models that we use to identify new target audiences and predict these customer behaviors."

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Keep Shoppers Coming Back



High-Value Opportunities

Uncover shoppers who share the same characteristics as high-value customers. Score audience segments and calculate customer lifetime value to prioritize outreach.


Data-Driven Insights

Spotlight at-risk customers and reduce attrition. Predict churn and engage audiences with real-time experiences and journeys based on product and channel preferences.



Sales Growth

Increase average order frequency and value. Boost cross-sells, upsells and loyalty program membership using automated omnichannel messaging and product recommendations.

Increase Efficiency, Conversion Rate and ROI

Learn how the AIQ CX Hub helps enterprise brands discover audiences and orchestrate experiences at scale.