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Guest Blog – Merkle & ActionIQ: An Unbeatable Duo

Merkle & ActionIQ

Today’s customer journey is complex, but Merkle & ActionIQ can help. The speed at which they make decisions and expect a response is faster than ever. A customer data platform helps you meet your audience in the right moment. Merkle’s expertise in data, technology, and analytics, combined with ActionIQ brings business agility and innovation together…

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CDP vs. CDI vs. DMP: Welcome to the messiest martech category ever!

CDP vs. CDI vs. DMP

“It’s all just a bit of history repeating” — Propellerheads I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be.  Part of your job is understanding the marketing technology landscape.  It’s not an easy task.  You’re faced with an ever-growing, overly-complicated list of acronyms and vendors. So you decide to do a bit of research online.  Every…

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Avoid This One Mistake in Constructing an RFP for a Customer Data Platform

Constructing a CDP RFP

Marketers in charge of establishing a single view of their customers face a daunting task. They’re bombarded by vendors in an unregulated CDP marketplace including tried-and-true offerings and chameleon imposters. Making an accurate choice when constructing your CDP RFP is not easy! Thankfully, the root cause of failed CDP deployments is something within marketers’ control.…

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How Marketers Should Assess Marketing Clouds’ Upcoming Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

Marketing Cloud CDP

It’s a fascinating time for data-driven marketing. Vendors have been heads-down, releasing ever-valuable features towards personalization, and marketing cloud vendors are revealing their much-anticipated customer data platforms (CDPs). Christmas may be coming early. There’s one problem though. If there’s anything bystanders observe about the CDP industry, it’s that building a CDP from scratch takes an…

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Customer Data Platforms: Core CDP Capabilities You Should Expect

To  compete with brand leaders like Netflix and Google that have data-driven marketing baked into their DNA, large organizations are increasingly exploring the benefits of Customer Data Platforms.  While every CDP promises to unify and connect all customer data, not all of them can do so at enterprise scale and speed. To make that a…

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MarTech Series Interview with Tasso Argyros on CDPs

In a wide-ranging interview with MarTech Series, ActionIQ co-founder and CEOTasso Argyros discusses our take on customer data platforms, CDP’s influence on audience conversion, and how ActionIQ is preparing for an AI-centric world. Here are a few excerpts: What Motivated You to Create a Customer Data Platform “In addition to founding Aster Data, I’ve worked…

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Managing 1% of Your Data: What Happened to the Other 99%?

Roadmap to Enterprise CDP Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a series of blog posts about what an Enterprise CDP is and how it can help your organization better manage your data and make more informed decisions to better drive your business. The first blog post we are publishing is appropriately titled: Data.…

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