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AdTech Earthquake Part 3: Connect Your Data to Make Customers Happy and Generate Revenue

In this three-part series, we first examined the rise of the privacy-first economy and the disappearance of third-party customer data, which for years has been the main fuel of digital advertising. In part two we took an inventory of the data still available to brands (principally, first-party data) and the ways brands can use it…

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An Introspective on Black Lives Matter and Our Commitment to Change

ActionIQ supports Black Lives Matter

The past few weeks have been a time of reflection and action as it relates to the experience of Black people in America. Like so many others, at ActionIQ we heard the call to action and have been taking a hard look at our internal workings to get an understanding of what we need to…

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Five Pillars of a Successful Changement Management Process for CDP Initiatives

Tips of implementing a CDP into your organization

To become customer-centric, businesses are doubling down on their investments in smart hubs such as customer data platforms (CDPs). These technologies enable brands to centralize and scale personalization—a competitive imperative in the digital age.  However, technology alone will not never get you there. Customer centricity also requires a robust, strategic approach to organizational change management…

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Why Your CDP Vendor Must Bring Change Management Expertise

Why Your CDP Vendor Must Bring Change Management Expertise

Prior to joining ActionIQ, I served as an analyst at a well-known industry research firm. I was privileged to advise over 200 clients on their CDP initiatives. On numerous occasions, I received a phone call that went something like this: Senior marketing executive at major brand: “We bought a CDP.” Me: “How’s it going?” Marketing…

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CDP Change Management: Change Comes from Within

Change Management with in your digital transformed organization

Reflecting on my 20+ years in the field of customer analytics, I’ve come to the realization that one of my biggest challenges has always been getting my business counterparts in the organization to look at a customer holistically. I don’t mean this from a data perspective—I’ve seen great success helping bring together disparate data for…

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Planning for CDP Change Management: A Proven Approach

Implementing a CDP, people and processes are key

Early Lesson On Change In the early days of ActionIQ, and only a few months into my tenure, we were in deep conversations with a prospective client about how our technology could transform their personalization initiatives. The prospect had just brought in a new, innovative CMO to drive this transformation across the company. In the…

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CDP Planning: Eight Tips to Assist Successful Outcomes

CDP planning - 8 tips to assist successful outcomes

CDPs Solve Marketers’ Number One Issue With Existing Technology According to industry research, the most challenging barrier to marketing technology success is the need to integrate disparate systems. CDPs—and their prebuilt data connectors to hundreds of data systems—solve that need in a unique way. They render a single customer view including all historical interactions, along…

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The secret to improving business outcomes? Move Fast!

Success depends on building agility into every step

Business leaders today are under constant pressure to react quickly to the market and ever-changing customer needs. Success ultimately depends on their ability to build in agility at every step, from strategy to execution. What Is Agile? Think about Agile as a flexible approach to managing projects that uses frequent iterations to test and learn,…

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Change Management Best Practices: 5 Steps to Effective Implementation

5 steps to effective change management with ActionIQ

Transforming your business to be customer-centric is hard. This is not a surprise to any executive who has attempted large-scale organizational change that spans people, process and technology. Customer data platforms (CDPs) have emerged as the technology best suited to accelerate transformation efforts that enable brands to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. But technology…

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