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Martech Mastery: CDP 101

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Welcome to episode 1 of Martech Mastery — a new video series from ActionIQ’s Head of Martech Strategy James Meyers. As a former analyst for one of the world’s most respected technology research and advisory firms, James wants to help you make great technology decisions and look like an expert in the process. Today’s episode…

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Storage Isn’t Strategy: 3 Best Practices for Customer Data Management

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What are the benefits of customer data management for a marketer? It depends on your approach. Collecting and organizing your customer data is essential to extracting valuable insights and informing your decision-making, but it’s only one piece of the customer data management puzzle. Too many businesses confuse customer data management with simply storing customer details…

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Improving B2B CX With Stronger 1st-Party Data

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Rising consumer expectations and a competitive business landscape mean it’s never been more important to know who your customers are. And with the disappearance of anonymous third-party data for audience insights and targeting, business-to-business brands must do so using their own data. While B2B companies have long been on the cutting edge of personalized customer…

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AdTech Earthquake Part 3: Connect Your Data to Make Customers Happy and Generate Revenue

In this three-part series, we first examined the rise of the privacy-first economy and the disappearance of third-party customer data, which for years has been the main fuel of digital advertising. In part two we took an inventory of the data still available to brands (principally, first-party data) and the ways brands can use it…

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Thriving in the Privacy-First Economy by Unifying and Activating 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-Party Data

Over the last decade, marketers have relied heavily on third-party data to acquire, retain and grow customer relationships. Whether it involved using a data management platform (DMP) to find audiences and serve ads through ad networks or utilizing walled gardens like Facebook and Google for acquisition and retargeting — third-party data has dominated the better…

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AdTech Earthquake Part 2: Strategies to Survive and Thrive

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The digital advertising landscape is in the midst of a tectonic shift. In the prior installment of this series, AdTech Earthquake Part 1: Cracks in the Foundation, we covered how changes in big tech’s privacy policies would present significant challenges to every brand that depends on digital advertising as part of its marketing mix. Since…

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AdTech Earthquake Part 1: Cracks in the Foundation

Adtech ecosystem in a post IDFA wolrd

A powerful earthquake can rock foundations, destroy our greatest creations and permanently alter large swaths of landscape. The AdTech world is about to experience one such powerful earthquake. We don’t often think about it, but our best practices and complex ecosystems are built atop foundations controlled by a small handful of big tech companies—namely Facebook,…

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What is First Party Data?

First Party Data, Data from the source

As a marketer or business person, you may hear the term “first party data” mentioned more and more on an everyday basis. First party data is information your business collects directly from consumers. This is your own data collected directly from your company. First party data is the most valuable data your business can gather.…

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Customer Database Management Best Practices

Best practices to manage customer data

5 Best Practices for Customer Data Management in the Experience Economy Consumer expectations have dramatically shifted in the past few years. Consumers now expect every experience they have with a brand to be tailored and personalized. In fact, 80% of consumers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its product or…

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Which Customer Data Platform Capabilities are a Must for Your CDP?

To meet the modern consumer’s high expectations for an excellent customer experience, many brands have come to realize they need to improve their ability to: Deeply understand their customers Identify customer wants and needs Activate personalized experiences that drive sustained customer loyalty At the heart of achieving this goal lies one of the most important…

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