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Three Ways Data Can Revolutionize the Customer Experience

Brian Ivanovick

VP Solutions Consulting

Every modern marketer knows that data is key to delivering superior customer experiences. But fewer know how to turn raw customer experience analytics data into true customer insights that power that strong relationship with each customer.

There is an art and a science to great customer relationships. A customer data platform can deliver the science of analysis, optimization and personalization. But it can also be the foundation of artistic element of the experience — the creative solutions that engage, surprise and delight customers.

Here are three ways to take raw data and put it to work revolutionizing the way customers perceive and interact with your brand.

Understand the Journey

Digital and mobile channels have fragmented the customer journey into dozens of pieces. This complex path will overmatch marketers who still think in terms of traditional methods of reaching and retaining clients. While their customers are browsing social media and researching a product on YouTube, they’ll be in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying to track down their customers through traditional means. Or they might reach a prospect with the wrong message at the wrong time.

Data is the tool that takes this complicated tangle of customer interactions and makes it manageable again.

With software-powered data tools, you can see which customers are in which stages of the customer journey. You can analyze how many may have dropped out, or gone dormant at certain point, and learn how to get more customers from the awareness stage to the coveted advocacy stage.

Make data your ally and take back control of the customer journey. Let data personalize your approach to your customer based on their position in the sales cycle.

Build Loyalty

Loyalty stems from a lot of good business practices, including superior product design and great customer service. But it also is built by brands that truly understand their customers on an individual level. Being treated like an individual brings customers back to a brand time and time again.

The scale that large brands operate at make it impossible to deliver the individual approach our parents received at the local corner market, but data can power the closest thing to that corner market feel at a global or national scale.

Data tells us customer preferences, demographics, and the personal information that each is comfortable sharing. This allows brands to tailor service, loyalty rewards and offers to each customer based on their wants and needs.  And that is the recipe for loyalty that leads to lifetime value.

Power Better Product

Product innovation is the lifeblood of company growth. But innovation is often a hit-and-miss process. Injecting rich customer data into the process takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process. When you know what customers want and where each pain point is located, you are automatically a step ahead in the product development or product refinement process.

Use data to power your product team’s approach, building each product on the solid foundation of customer insights, assuring that an eager market exists for each product that comes out of the pipeline.
Do you want to turn underutilized raw data into powerful customer insights? Is your data powering new product development and fueling customer loyalty? Action IQ is a leader in data-driven marketing that can transform outdated loyalty programs into game-changing 21st Century platforms. Learn more by reading our Fact Sheet: Grow and Retain Valuable Customers here.

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Brian Ivanovick
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VP Solutions Consulting

MarTech Consulting Leader with nearly 15 years of marketing technology and customer data experience. Prior experience includes stints at Offermatica (now Adobe Target), Omniture, Adobe, Causata, BlueKai and Oracle. Brian has led experience optimization engagements with enterprises such as Dell, Disney, Wells Fargo and Ally Bank.


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