Looking Back at 2023 With ActionIQ: From Product to Partnership

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It’s easy to get caught up in the details wrapping up the year – getting sales in before the end of the year, putting the final touches on our campaign planning and more.

But as we enter the holidays, it’s important to take a step back and look at where our team has been this year – how we’ve grown, what we’ve built together and how we’ve created connections with customers and partners to accomplish amazing things.

So we’re taking a look back at some of our biggest hits this year. Below, we’ll review top highlights from new product innovations to new team members, and big announcements, to customer successes that we shared this year.

We Enhanced Our Composable CDP For Enterprise Businesses to Better Connect to Their Customers

At ActionIQ, we’re always looking for new ways to support our customers’ business goals and use cases – from enhanced offerings, to new features and partnerships.

In 2023, we continued to deepen our commitment to choice, openness and flexibility with our Composable CDP, with new innovation changing the way data and customer experience teams use ActionIQ. Here’s a look at the highlights of how we evolved our Composable CDP this year and what our customers can enable with our product innovations.

Deliver First-Of-Its-Kind Flexibility and Performance for Enterprise Businesses With HybridCompute

ActionIQ is committed to delivering transparency and ease to customers in everything we do. That’s why this year, we expanded our offerings to accommodate IT’s automation and control requirements alongside marketers’ self-service capabilities — with our composable CDP deployment and HybridCompute.

With HybridCompute, a feature of ActionIQ’s purpose-built infrastructure, we provide a first-of-its-kind zero data copy architecture solution for enterprise organizations. It’s the best way to get started with a composable CDP and data stack.

HybridCompute lets you copy all, some, or none of your data to ActionIQ via its native reverse ETL capabilities. Push queries to your data warehouse or wherever data is stored and leverage the results using ActionIQ solutions. ActionIQ provides three architecture options, allowing IT teams to decide which approach best suits the needs of the organization.

Give Data Teams Self-Service Access With Query Service

Self-service isn’t just for business and marketing teams — it’s also for data and technology teams.

With ActionIQ Query Service, we opened data access and visibility up even more, empowering technical professionals with a self-service SQL workbench interface to effortlessly write and execute SQL queries on any data available in ActionIQ. This brings data teams complete data visibility and self-serve validation with SQL queries, a better understanding of customer data through ad-hoc queries and custom dashboards, and streamlined integration with third-party tools, without relying on engineering effort to set up additional ETL pipelines.

See Every Angle of the Customer With 3D Identity Graph

Online customers defy the conventions of identity — with numerous identities from work and (more than one) personal email to phone numbers and device IDs. Marketers struggle to strategically deliver their message to the right identifier.

That’s why ActionIQ introduced 3D Identity Graph, designed to empower marketers to strategically and flexibly capture every angle of a customer’s identity for utilization based on different strategies and channels. By leveraging the 3D Identity Graph, marketers transcend the limitations of traditional one-dimensional marketing, gaining control over the granularity they aim to achieve in their marketing strategies — simplifying the intricate process of audience building, management and activation. This suite of features empowers marketers to choose the identity from which the data is analyzed, strategy is tailored and paid media activation is executed.

Combine Real-Time Behaviors With Analytical Intelligence With Real-Time Powerhouse

The Real-Time Powerhouse seamlessly integrates with your data warehouse, providing lower latency than any of these systems can deliver independently. This integration offers the unique ability to combine real-time behavioral signals with the comprehensive historical knowledge of your customer, ensuring instantaneous and well-informed decision-making.

This new solution combines the analytical intelligence of batch systems with the power of reacting to real-time behavioral signals within seconds. We named this solution Real-Time Powerhouse for its unique ability to sit on top of your Lakehouse or Data Warehouse to combine true real-time with deep customer intelligence.

Enable In-the-Moment Personalization With ProfileAPI

To enable in-the-moment personalization, one of the major obstacles brands face is gaining on-demand and real-time access to customer data. To address this need, we developed Profile API. This feature enables ActionIQ clients to retrieve (pull) data from any system whenever they need it, in addition to activating (push) data out of the data warehouse.

With ActionIQ Profile API, organizations can easily retrieve comprehensive customer intelligence within milliseconds, connecting the data warehouse to the customer experience. By submitting a request message that contains a single piece of identity (e.g. a customer ID), they can obtain the “golden record” of the matching customer’s profile data, providing a complete 360-degree view of the individual’s demographics with any profile attributes related to that individual, fully customizable to meet their specific needs – unlocking use-cases like web or in-app personalization, email personalization at open time, call center support, and more.

Increase Match Rates and Decreases CAC With LinkedIn Integrations

This year, we announced ActionIQ’s participation in LinkedIn’s Marketing Partner Program – featuring ActionIQ’s integration with LinkedIn Ads via Matched Audiences, and the new Conversions API – all designed to help you boost match rates and increase reach with your first-party data. This helps brands easily synchronize between LinkedIn Ads and ActionIQ to increase reach and match rates with hyper-segmented, first-party powered audiences, and get up to a 50% increase in RoAS with LinkedIn and ActionIQ.

We Increased Our Scale

ActionIQ works with customers to deploy marketing activations that matter – and that requires serious scale.

We Broadened Our Ecosystem With Our Partnerships

The best kinds of technologies are those that embrace an open ecosystem — bringing the seamless integrations that enterprise businesses need to life through deep-forged connections. This year, we announced groundbreaking partnerships across the ecosystem to help bring results to our customers. Here’s a look at those.

ActionIQ Partnered With AWS for Composable Identity

Unveiled in July, AWS Entity Resolution offers advanced matching techniques, such as rule-based matching and machine learning models, to help organizations more accurately link related sets of records. Using AWS Entity Resolution, customers will also gain a deeper understanding of how data is linked to deliver new insights, enhance decision making, and will improve customer experiences based on a unified view of an organization’s records.

As part of its continued collaboration with AWS and their Advertising and Marketing Initiative, ActionIQ participated in early service experimentation and will integrate AWS Entity Resolution into its current Identity offering to develop data pipelines focused on identity resolution and enrichment, enabling a more precise and comprehensive view of customer profiles.

“As a customer of AWS Entity Resolution, ActionIQ will scale the performance of matching fragmented records to continue to arm marketers with access to customer data and enhance the overall customer experience for enterprise organizations.”

Davor Golac, General Manager for AWS Entity Resolution

MetaRouter and ActionIQ Joined Forces to Amplify Customer Data ROI

This year, we were thrilled to announce our partnership with MetaRouter on the next generation of data collection. With MetaRouter’s tag, businesses can replace bulky, legacy client-side tags trapped in a single vendor ecosystem with agile, real-time data collection and activation in ActionIQ’s CDP.

“This partnership is reshaping the data ecosystem, offering businesses an opportunity to take control and enhance their data strategies from the moment it is collected to when it is activated downstream. MetaRouter’s partnership with ActionIQ delivers a modern approach to data collection, identity resolution and personalization that delivers optimized digital customer experiences.” Read more on the partnership here.

Teradata Chose ActionIQ as Their Primary Customer Experience Partner

This year, ActionIQ deepened its commitment to delivering partnerships that matter, with Teradata.

“With Teradata VantageCloud and ActionIQ, businesses can unlock faster innovation, better decision-making, and enhanced customer experiences, particularly for AI and ML. ActionIQ’s unique composable architecture offers easy-to-use, self-service data access to marketers while pushing queries into VantageCloud for the best of both worlds in terms of performance, enterprise scale and security. This allows business teams to gain direct, but controlled, access to data, enabling self-serve use cases through seamless and scalable integrations with owned and paid channels. IT and data teams will benefit from zero data latency, scalable governance, and worry-free integrations, freeing up resources previously spent on managing ever-changing requirements. This partnership is designed to future-proof acquisition marketing strategies, increases loyalty, and improves retention for business teams.” Read more here.

We Grew Our Team, With Exciting New Appointments

Former General Motors SVP and Global CMO Deborah L. Wahl Joined ActionIQ’s Board of Directors

We were excited to announce the election of Former General Motors SVP and Global CMO Deborah L. Wahl, to the Company’s Board of Directors. Prior to her retirement from GM in March 2023, Deborah served as Global CMO at Cadillac, CMO of McDonald’s USA, SVP and CMO at Pulte Group, CMO at Chrysler, and held additional leadership positions at Toyota, Mazda, and Ford.

New SVP of Engineering, Tramale Turner Joins ActionIQ

This year, ActionIQ announced Tramale Turner’s appointment as SVP of Engineering. Mr. Turner was most recently CTO of TaxBit, Head of Engineering at Stripe, and has held leadership roles at Nintendo and Volkswagen Group. Tramale will be based in ActionIQ’s NYC headquarters.

We Shared Stories With Our Customers, From Stage to Screen

From the stage to the screen, we were so happy to share stories from our customers about how they exceeded their growth goals by partnering with the team at ActionIQ — whether it was reimagining acquisition after third-party cookies, designing lifecycle strategies with impact or simplifying internal processes to help teams work better together. Explore some of the highlights from the year here.

Atlassian’s Composable CDP Delivers 71% Increase in Conversions

With 10 terabytes of data and 288 million customers, Atlassian needed a way to harness information swiftly, securely and seamlessly, but there was a gap between their data goldmine and their marketing team’s activation. Traditional methods meant delays, bottlenecks, and frustration. Atlassian needed a solution that was as dynamic and agile as their team.

Atlassian transformed their marketing strategies, achieving 71% increase in customer conversions with ActionIQ audiences over control. Through granular segmentation of first-party data, they elevated their customer acquisition game, achieving a 5X increase in reach, a 6.7% saving in paid media costs and 50% reduction in RoAS.

Liberty Latin America Gets Security and Agility With a Composable CPD

The Liberty Latin America team wanted to reduce their reliance on BI teams, open communication and make sure that they were applying feedback from their campaigns, and understanding how things performed and what should come next — quickly. As a multi-region company, they needed to manage data and regulations in specific markets and make sure everything was compliant. Liberty Latin America discovered that ActionIQ’s HybridCompute had the qualifications of what they needed in a CDP.

Liberty Latin America was able to get started in just a few days with the seamless integration ActionIQ has with Amazon Redshift — in that time they were up and running with 30 cloud tables, 4 markets launched, 468+ attributes in redshift and deployed in 75% less time.

Northwestern Mutual Streamlines Data Operations With a Hybrid CDP

The team at Northwestern Mutual knew something was wrong when they were seeing a proliferation of fragmented data with their on-prem database, with about 200 data labs scattered throughout the organization. They wanted to achieve proper data lineage with all of the classifications of data, and all the security measures — they knew it would be easier to do that and cut down copies by putting it all in one place. They decided to adopt the data lake and move to Databricks as their central store of data for a centralized data lakehouse with an activation engine — enter ActionIQ.

With a hybrid CDP that seamlessly works with their data lakehouse, Northwestern Mutual is looking ahead with confidence at a future full of change (and generative AI). With a clean, centralized data source and a composable CDP, they’re poised to explore, test and learn in a flexible future.

E.l.f. Stays in the Hearts of Gen-Z With ActionIQ

How do you become Gen-Z’s latest (and lasting) beauty obsession? Go where they go — their technology. Behind every screen, social channel and touchpoint that each digitally-savvy Gen-Z shopper explores lies a wealth of data and information. This leaves brands with a really great problem to have — they’re swimming in data. They may not have the tools they need to really use that data to their advantage. E.l.f. understood the opportunity they had with their data to generate amazing results for each customer.

With ActionIQ, e.l.f. infuses customer journeys with their aggregated first-party data. With more creative ways to gather data from customers, through quizzes and surveys, e.l.f. is able to learn all of these different elements about their shoppers that will connect them to specific products within their product catalog.

HP Invests in a First-Party Future For Their Programmatic Media

HP recognized a critical need to invest in first-party data, starting with moving away from the DMP. Over time they have accumulated a wealth of first-party data from their 250 million+ customers which has remained dormant and inaccessible in their aging homegrown customer 360. They ultimately partnered with a customer data platform (CDP) in order to harness all those insights.

With ActionIQ, HP is able to put their first-party data at the center of their programmatic media strategy. They centralize their vast dataset and provide direct, hands-on access for marketers. Now, the formerly siloed marketing organization is able to create audiences and orchestrate in one central location.

The Washington Post Acquires 131% More Customers With ActionIQ

The team at The Post wanted to take their first-party data to deliver personalized customer experiences to readers throughout all customer journey stages — but they lacked the speed and scale to execute and deliver the right story, to the right reader, at the right time, at any inflection in their lifecycle.

To meet the opportunity and discover the best partner to help deliver customer experiences across the different stages of their lifecycle marketing strategy, the team at The Post from ads and subscriptions to marketing, engineering and analytics, got together to develop key success criteria. With ActionIQ, The Washington Post harnessed their first-party data to activate readers across lifecycle stages (to the tune of 131% more acquired customers and 38% resubscribe rate).

Saks Fifth Avenue Futureproofs Their Strategy With ActionIQ

For Saks, data is incredibly powerful. Whether your organization is big or small, customers should always be at the heart of your analytics and marketing strategies. Data empowers team members across the organization to make decisions that are always smarter and better, through both success and failure. But in order to unlock that data-driven strategy, you need the tools that will democratize and activate that data-driving decisioning and action — from the analytics team all the way to the marketers and beyond.

Saks’ data is all in Snowflake, where it’s managed by the data team. They build data science models, predicting outcomes at a user level, and all of that rich data gets written back into their Snowflake data system. ActionIQ mirrors that work to allow marketers access and activation of all of those insights-driven audiences. With ActionIQ, Saks activates audiences in 10 channels (and growing) through integrations, with first-party data as a signal to activate on different platforms. The return from having a CDP for Saks manifested in time-savings, agility to rapidly test, learn and optimize on data-driven insights and audiences, and self-service for their marketing teams.

Excited to See What’s in Store in 2024

We love learning from our customers, building new things and exploring what’s possible with our team. As we look ahead to 2024, we’re excited to keep building and growing with new partnerships and customers.

Michael Trapani
Michael Trapani
Head of Product Marketing
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