3 Key Use Cases to Boost Your LinkedIn Advertising

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Every B2B team worth their salt knows: LinkedIn Ads is the place to be to find new customers. It hosts the world’s largest community of professionals, ready and waiting to engage with new content, new ideas and new partners.

But here’s the rub. Your marketing team could spend all of your resources on the best creative out there for your new LinkedIn Ads and still not get the leads you need. That’s why you need a CDP in your stack.

ActionIQ’s integration with LinkedIn gives clients the data-driven tools they need to make the most of their LinkedIn Ads, combining ActionIQ’s Composable CDP’s self-service audience segmentation with LinkedIn’s extensive reach. Think fast building and launching with more targeted campaigns. ActionIQ is also in Beta testing with Conversions API.

Below, we’ll take a look at how it all works to enhance your stack, boost your performance and increase your RoAS. We call that a win-win-win.

How It Works: ActionIQ’s Integration With LinkedIn Ads

ActionIQ’s integration with LinkedIn Ads is designed to offer a straightforward and powerful solution for marketers looking to supercharge their LinkedIn advertising. Here is a breakdown of how it works.

Self-Service Audiencing

ActionIQ’s composable CDP empowers marketers to create hyper-segmented audiences with their first-party data within minutes. The self-service nature of this process ensures that marketers have complete control over audience creation, which allows them to define and refine target audiences quickly and independently.

Multi-Entity Activation

Streamlining audience creation and activation across entities is made simple within the ActionIQ UI. This feature ensures that marketers can efficiently manage and activate audiences across various aspects of their business, optimizing their campaigns across the board. For B2B organizations, this means they can implement targeting not only at the account level but also at the individual contact level.

Seamless Integration

Accessing conversion events (via Conversions API integration) and audience segments (via Matched Audiences integration) in LinkedIn Ads is seamless and hassle-free. The integration ensures that marketers can effortlessly synchronize their data and important audience segments between ActionIQ and LinkedIn, enabling them to run campaigns with precision and efficiency.

Three Key Use Cases for ActionIQ’s Integration With LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin Ads offer a diverse range of advertising solutions, and with ActionIQ’s integration, clients can harness the platform’s capabilities to drive results in various ways. Below are some key use cases that highlight the versatility of ActionIQ’s integration with LinkedIn Ads.

Prospecting with Precision

One of the primary use cases is prospecting, where businesses can target high-value prospects with unparalleled precision. The integration allows you to optimize your audience with native lookalike modeling, ensuring that your campaigns are seen by those who matter most.

Retargeting for Maximum Impact

With ActionIQ’s integration with LinkedIn Ads, you can take your retargeting efforts to the next level by reaching both known and anonymous audiences. This alignment ensures that your campaigns resonate with your audience’s interests and behaviors, creating a more engaging and effective ad experience. You can also gain full-funnel visibility to empower data-driven decisions and enhance the effectiveness of your LinkedIn advertising.

Dynamic Suppression for Efficient Spending

Stop wasting ad spend by targeting audiences that have already converted. With ActionIQ and its seamless integration with LinkedIn Ads, you can automatically sync and remove converted customers from paid media campaigns, ensuring that your advertising budget is allocated more efficiently.

How Atlassian Boosted LinkedIn Ads With a 50% increase in RoAS

Many of ActionIQ’s clients have actively leveraged the integration to scale their LinkedIn ad campaigns. Specifically, the integration has activated over 10 billion rows of user-level data to date. One of ActionIQ’s leading B2B clients serves as a prime example of the integration’s success. After implementing this integration, they witnessed a remarkable 50% increase in Return on Ad Spend (RoAS).

Get Started With ActionIQ’s LinkedIn Ads Integration

ActionIQ’s integration with LinkedIn Ads is readily available for clients at no additional cost. Explore our ActionIQ X LinkedIn Joint Solution Sheet or get in touch with us to discover how ActionIQ can help activate your data into LinkedIn Ads to drive meaningful customer engagements today.

Sophie Wang
Sophie Wang
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Sophie is a strategic and data-driven marketer who's passionate about turning customer insights into exceptional experiences. She uses her technical expertise to help enterprise organizations overcome data challenges and support digital transformation.
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