ActionIQ Introduces 3D Identity Graph to Boost Match Rates and Slash CAC: Speak to Any Layer of Your Customer Identity

ActionIQ Introduces 3D Identity Graph to Boost Match Rates and Slash Customer Acquisition Costs - Speak to Any Layer of Your Customer Identity

In the digital age, where reality blends with the virtual, online customers defy the conventions of identity. Many of them — in fact, many of us have not one or two, but many, even dozens of them.

Since cookies became less effective, what should look like one anonymous user now may look as several different users. Email addresses are unique — in theory. In practice, people have been using multiple email addresses since the Hotmail days (are we dating ourselves?). And even when one’s identity is clear, it can change according to context. If I am a telco customer, I am part of a household but then I am a user of one of the many cellphone lines in the household.

The point is that multiple identities are not the exception, but the norm. However, most adtech and martech systems fundamentally assume a single ID for every customer… a significant limitation.

For instance, when targeting users on social media platforms such as Meta, marketers may engage with one email address of a user without realizing it differs from the email used for their Meta account. Alternatively, sending separate messages for a family-based subscription to each member within a shared household, can lead to wasted ad spend. As a result, match rates drop while customer acquisition costs (CAC) rise.

Enter ActionIQ’s 3D Identity Graph

People’s identities are three-dimensional. So, why confine your marketing to a single dimension when the reality is multi-layered?

Adopting a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to reach specific identities across multiple emails, phone numbers, or device IDs improves the chances of effectively engaging with the target individual — which is the difference between a conversion and losing touch with a lead.

That’s why ActionIQ is excited to introduce its new 3D Identity Graph solution, for identities in constant motion. It’s designed to empower marketers to strategically and flexibly capture every angle of a customer’s identity for utilization based on different strategies and channels. By leveraging the 3D Identity Graph, marketers transcend the limitations of traditional one-dimensional marketing, gaining control over the granularity they aim to achieve in their marketing strategies.

The outcome? Higher match rates across your paid media channels, leading to improved targeted engagement strategies and more cost-efficient customer acquisition.

Precision Targeting With Reach Expansion Through Multiple Identities with 3D Identity Graph

ActionIQ 3D Identity Graph introduces a standardized framework within the ActionIQ platform, simplifying the intricate process of audience building, management and activation. This suite of features empowers marketers to choose the identity from which the data is analyzed, strategy is tailored and paid media activation is executed.

Below, we will explore the transformative changes that 3D Identity Graph brings to acquisition marketing by highlighting a few key use cases:

Use Case 1: Enhanced Paid Media Ad Targeting

As a marketer, you’ve got all the critical customer details, but you’re left in the dark about which email or device they use for their social media. It’s like having puzzle pieces without knowing which picture they complete. Traditionally, when advertisers share user details with social media platforms to run ads, the information provided doesn’t quite align with the ID that customer used to sign up on the social media side.

With ActionIQ’s 3D Identity Graph, marketers can include all the identifiers linked to each user — email addresses, phone numbers, device IDs — when launching ads on social media platforms, instead of relying on a single ID.

This flexibility removes the guesswork and significantly increases the likelihood of a perfect match with the identifier used on the social media side. Whether customers are authenticated or anonymous, the 3D Identity Graph helps marketers achieve more accurate targeting on platforms such as Meta, Google, and LinkedIn, for both remarketing or suppression. Ultimately, this streamlines ad targeting, reducing CAC by optimizing campaign impact and effectively reaching the intended audience.

Use Case 2: Strategic Household Member Targeting

Imagine you are promoting a family-based subscription (e.g., a mobile family plan) and aiming to target prospects through social media channels. Traditionally, the approach might have involved reaching out to everyone on your list, however, this neglects the fact that some of the folks might reside within the same household.

ActionIQ’s 3D Identity Graph enables the inclusion of household IDs as supplementary IDs alongside individual identifiers. With this capability, marketers can strategically direct their focus to specific individuals within households, such as targeting parents for a family mobile plan rather than young adults living with them. By concentrating on these key decision-makers within the household, you are efficiently gaining new customers, reducing ad spend waste.

Use Case 3: Consistent Cross-Device Personalization Experiences

Previously, users experienced inconsistent content as they moved across devices, impacting their overall engagement. Marketers found it challenging to ensure a unified experience for users using multiple devices, particularly in the context of web personalization where real-time matters.

With ActionIQ’s 3D Identity Graph, marketers can now connect various devices used by a single user and send all of them to the personalization engines. This capability enables a seamless experience across devices by recognizing users and delivering consistent personalized content or offer.

The result is increased interaction and engagement from users — they are more likely to take action when undergoing a unified and relevant journey, leading to higher conversion rates.

Unveiling the Potential of a 3D View of the Customer With 3D Identity Graph

With the introduction of the 3D Identity Graph, ActionIQ’s composable CDP brings marketers into an era of unprecedented precision, clarity, and consistency — driven by a three-dimensional customer view.

ActionIQ’s acquisition marketing solution is supporting enterprises in a wide range of industries including B2B Tech, Retail, and Media & Publishing. Notably, Bloomberg, a leading Media organization, utilized ActionIQ to power its acquisition efforts and future-proof customer experience against market shifts, yielding impressive results such as a 76% decrease in CAC, a 500% increase in audience size and match rates through first-party acquisition, and a 59% increase in subscriptions from paid social. Strategic collaboration between ActionIQ and leading enterprise brands underscores our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of personalized customer experiences.

Get Started

The ActionIQ 3D Identity Graph is a key component of ActionIQ’s Audience Center module. Reach out to the ActionIQ team and discover how this feature can elevate your campaigns based on your diverse definitions of a customer, providing unparalleled precision with expanded reach for enhanced match rates and cost-efficient customer acquisition.

Sophie Wang
Sophie Wang
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Sophie is a strategic and data-driven marketer who's passionate about turning customer insights into exceptional experiences. She uses her technical expertise to help enterprise organizations overcome data challenges and support digital transformation.
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