Transforming to a Direct-to-Consumer Organization

Learn how e.l.f. Beauty succeeded in DTC transformation


Drastic shifts in consumer needs, behaviors and preferences have upended business models across all industries. eMarketer predicted in its Direct-to-Consumer Brands 2020 report that DTC sales would rise 24.3% last year from 2019 and continue to grow as brands realize the benefits, hence why e.l.f. Beauty is one of many companies leaning into a consumer-first approach.

Despite the curveball of the pandemic on the cosmetics industry, e.l.f. has come out strong and continues to boom in the midst of its shift to a DTC model, all the while focused on leveraging its CDP to create a single view of the customer. Join this session to learn how e.l.f. is driving its transformation and expanding customer loyalty with insights from Director of CRM and Customer Growth Brigitte Barron.

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  • What led elf Cosmetics to shift toward DTC and how people, processes and tech played a role
  • How customer data and CDPs play a critical role in driving customer loyalty 
  • Key insights into how e.l.f. integrated technology across multiple business units to drive impact

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