How Brightspeed Deployed a Zero-Copy CDP in Weeks

How Brightspeed Deployed a Zero-Copy CDP in Weeks


Brightspeed is one of countless organizations prioritizing the move toward a warehouse-first infrastructure – enabling incoming customer data to flow in a way that it’s actually accessible and actionable. That began with finding the right CDP partner that could not only support that warehouse connectivity with the marketing user in mind, but deliver the promise of long-term architectural flexibility as the business evolves.

Going into their evaluation there was one key non-negotiable: replacing data copying from their data warehouse with direct access for their five marketing teams to Google BigQuery. But this meant cutting through a lot of smoke and mirrors of reverse ETL and warehouse-only solutions that could not deliver on robust omnichannel activation capabilities.

Hear from a seasoned CDP buyer and integrator as they discuss their evaluation and why they chose ActionIQ, how they were able to deploy on their data warehouse in a matter of weeks and key marketing use cases they are now able to execute as a result of eliminating data copy.

The Speakers

Ariane Sedghi
Senior Product Marketing Manager, ActionIQ
Jonathan Bradley
Robert Preston

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