Forrester Total Economic Impact™
of ActionIQ 2020

Business Benefits Enabled By ActionIQ's Enterprise Customer Data Platform

Research finds customer-centric organizations are 60% more profitable compared to organizations that do not focus on the customer1. That’s why successful enterprises are turning to ActionIQ to equip customer experience professionals with a simple-to-use platform for understanding customers and personalizing omnichannel experiences.

“If you want to do the whole thing truly buttoned up, in an omnichannel way, looking at transactions in multiple channels, you need something like ActionIQ that is ingesting data from multiple areas and then activating it across multiple channels.”

—Chief Customer Officer

To measure the ROI of our clients’ deployments, ActionIQ commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study that measures the business benefits of deploying ActionIQ's customer data platform (CDP). The Study covers:

  • Impetus for Change — Key challenges that drove four enterprises to deploy ActionIQ and the improved outcomes they experienced
  • Benefits of ActionIQ — Quantified and unquantified benefits achieved after implementation, including testimonials
  • Return on Investment — Financial details including the ROI, NPV, and payback period for deploying ActionIQ

“There have been phenomenal increases to the customer experiences and retention because of ActionIQ.”
—Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

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