Grow Customer Lifetime Value

CDP in Action: Grow Customer Lifetime Value

ActionIQ helps you enrich and expand the customer relationship to drive increased value.

Use insights from the full, granular history of interactions to grow your customer relationship. Make targeted offers for relevant cross sells and upsells that are focused on what the customer wants, not what you need to push.
See the results below!

20% increase

in email engagement across all customer segments

40% increase

in # of categories purchased by targeted customers

30% increase

in conversion to a second purchase

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Here’s how we do it:

journeys across multiple touchpoints driven by digital interactions as well as static CRM profiles

prospects for category cross-sells with look-alike modeling based on demographic, purchase and behavioral characteristics

audience by price sensitivity for differentiated communications

We’re helping G2000 businesses, such as Verizon Wireless, New York Times, and HBC and look forward to helping you get started.

About ActionIQ

ActionIQ is at the center of a data-driven revolution that is changing the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset. ActionIQ helps G2000 companies connect their first-party customer data, orchestrate cross-channel campaigns, and measure incremental lift across all digital and offline channels. VC-backed by Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, FirstMark Capital, and Bowery Capital , we are helping brands like Verizon Wireless, The New York Times, HBC and others grow customer lifetime value and marketing ROI.

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