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CDP in Action: Acquire High Value Customers At Lower Cost

ActionIQ helps you focus your acquisition efforts and budget on relevant, high value targets.

When you understand your best customers and their traits and behavior, you can target only prospects who share these same characteristics and create messages and offers that are likely to resonate.

See the results below!

Increase in conversion

of high quality prospects from insight-tailored creative

13% increase

in new customer cohort AOV


brand over-saturation and dilution


Decrease in 30-day CPA

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Here’s how we do it:

demographic/acquisition channel characteristics

off of tightly segmented look alike seed files

existing customers

We’re helping G2000 businesses, such as Verizon Wireless, New York Times, and HBC and look forward to helping you get started.

About ActionIQ

ActionIQ is at the center of a data-driven revolution that is changing the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset. ActionIQ helps G2000 companies connect their first-party customer data, orchestrate cross-channel campaigns, and measure incremental lift across all digital and offline channels. VC-backed by Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, FirstMark Capital, and Bowery Capital , we are helping brands like Verizon Wireless, The New York Times, HBC and others grow customer lifetime value and marketing ROI.

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