Use Cases

Consumers expect brands to provide personalized experiences, but companies struggle to deliver this across all customer touch points

ActionIQ solves this problem for brands by giving marketers the ability to deeply know their customers and deliver personalized experiences across all their channels

Half a dozen actions that consumers actually take were at the foundation of all our use cases. What if we could find a way to react based on these six actions? We sent that over to ActionIQ and immediately our marketing team was empowered.

Michael Bryzek
Co-Founder, former Chairman & CTO
Gilt Group

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Driving Revenue, Reducing Costs

By leveraging 100% of their customer data, marketers can orchestrate campaigns, across all channels, immediately test and measure effectiveness, and optimize on-the-fly in order to:

Increase Acquisition

Target lookalikes of your highest value customers; automate personalized messages based on cart abandonment, website views, etc.

Accelerate Activation

Turn new subscribers and browsers into active customers by timing outreach to capture their attention

Grow Lifetime Value (LTV)

Increase repeat purchase, frequency, and average order value of existing customers

Improve Retention & Winback

Reduce customer fatigue and churn with proactive identification and treatment; recapture lost customers and regain loyalty

Optimize Promotion Strategies

Tailor based on price sensitivity, purchase frequency and propensity to churn

Increase Paid Media ROI

Automatically suppress existing customers and build tighter lookalike audiences to reduce CPA

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