Use Cases

ActionIQ delivers specific capabilities and use cases to help marketing drive top line revenue growth while working within a limited budget and set of organizational resources. ActionIQ helps ensure optimal efficiency and productivity to drive top line growth via:




Organizational Efficiency

Optimize people, process, and technology to drive automated, coordinated cross-channel campaigns, and redeploy expensive resources to high value work.80% Decrease in Campaign Lead Time

Marketing Productivity

Improve budget efficiency and reduce spend waste, driving an overall increase in ROI without brand over-saturation and dilution.45% increase in return on marketing spend

Incremental Revenue

Find new revenue opportunities to acquire higher value customers, grow LTV, and retain high-value customers with deeper customer intelligence and personalization.10%+ increase in spend velocity across Loyalty Tiers

Reduce Costs & Drive Results Across the Customer Lifecycle

How do you ensure that you acquire new customers for whom your brand is relevant? 

When you understand your best customers and their traits, you can target prospects who share these same traits and create messages and offers that are likely to resonate.

50% decrease in 30-day CPA ActionIQ Client

Is acquisition only a "sign-up" for your brand? 

Consider the impact of converting these new acquisitions into active customers with campaigns that leverage the data gathered in the acquisition phase to quickly capitalize on interest—before it fades—with attractive insights-driven offers.

15% increase in the first 30-day conversionsActionIQ Client

How do you ensure that a customer's first purchase is not their only purchase?

It’s possible to engage new customers and turn them into brand loyalists by incorporating data from previous lifecycle phases into personalized messages that drive repeat purchases.

30% increase in conversion to a second purchaseActionIQ Client

How do you enrich the customer experience and expand the relationship? 

Use the insights from the full, granular history of interactions to grow your customer relationship through targeted offers for relevant cross sells and upsells focused on what customers want, not what you need to push.

40% increase in # of categories purchased by targeted customersActionIQ Client

How do you make sure that you keep your customers happy so that they don’t desert you for a competitor? 

Use the customer’s own data to recognize the signals that identify disengaged customers and do it early enough to act and keep them engaged.

10% reduction in churn / 15% increase in engagementActionIQ Client

Are you ready to unlock your customer data?