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Proprietary Independent Research by Oliver Chen on ActionIQ


Published: November 1, 2017

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OCRETAIL REEL: Cowen believes that the future of retail relies upon customer engagement in a new world of transformed, social, & rapidly changing media. The mobile phone, evolving social/marketing platforms, and data being the new oil of the digital economy are in the midst of transforming how our retail companies need to re-think how to seamlessly interact with their customers. Enter ActionIQ…


…our take is that this company provides a unique ability to accelerate customer relationship management objectives by installing data integration and user interface layers which enable teams to make decisions to acquire new customers, drive engagement of existing customers, and promote loyalty. We believe our companies are rightly concerned about the integration of marketing programs, touch points, and information across all digital and social formats – and this product closes a gap in a flexible manner between information and complex and new marketing decisions. We believe you should watch this video because most of retail has not been able to successfully unlock customer data to improve the shopping experience.


OC hosted Tasso Argyros, Co-founder and CEO of ActionIQ, a marketing activation platform which helps partners centralize and more efficiently leverage their existing data streams to improve CRM and personalized marketing. While big data has improved retailer’s ability to collect and store data, a significant gap remains between the data retailers own and their ability to take action and create new and unique customer experiences. The new generation of big data platforms brings database innovation but also focuses on the marketing and business user to drive improved sales and engagement. Cowen’s view is that a substantial opportunity exists for retailers to better leverage their customer data to succeed and differentiate themselves from online competition. We believe this data is one of retail’s most valuable assets given their intimate knowledge of their customers and can be used to create unique customer experiences, which is difficult for online retailers to replicate.


We like ActionIQ’s innovative database which offers partners a simple and elegant tool to efficiently access and analyze all of their own data streams to better orchestrate and manage communication and messaging across all channels (email, web, in-store, social media, direct mail). According to Mr. Argyros, putting the right content in front of the right customer through the right channel at the right time is the new holy grail of competition in the retail space. ActionIQ’s platform helps retailers unlock and access their own data streams (including EDW, digital analytics, marketing, and 3rd party data) which historically were often siloed from one another and inefficient for business and marketing teams to gather, analyze and effectively execute on. The team at ActionIQ solved these issues by pioneering a new type of database that is able to collect and connect different types of data and sources. Further, the database was built with the marketing and business user in mind and is very user friendly.


Technically, the database has three layers: (1) a Data Integration Layer – provides ability to instantly connect and aggregate data from different sources notwithstanding formats or complexity; (2) an Analyst Enablement Layer – tailored specifically for marketing analysts; and (3) a Business Activation Layer – allows business users to easily access and pull data without knowledge of technical skills and quickly build and test specialized marketing campaigns. Advantages of ActionIQ’s database include: (1) helps bring 100x more data to business users than competing products; (2) can help streamline marketing operations by 20x; and (3) can measure, coordinate, and orchestrate marketing across channels.

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