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Great Customer Relationships Start With Great Data

Knowledge is power. From campaign optimizations to strategic overhauls, there are hundreds of ways to build authentic customer experiences, with data being in the center.

Build an omnichannel smart hub customer data platform that unifies data and empowers teams and tools with real-time insights that need. Our CDP captures data from every in-page interaction and micro-gesture that helps you understand the how and why of customer behavior. Our platform supports the entire lifecycle of customer engagement and digital improvement, allowing you to make smarter decisions every step of the way.

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll find the data you need to see where your brand stands, what to aim for, and ways to improve on the customer experience metrics that really matter. How do you stack up?

ActionIQ CDP resource guides

The Essential Steps to Help You Achieve Personalization at Scale

Browse our essential resources to stock your marketing arsenal with helpful articles, guides, webinars, and knowledgebase how-tos, evaluations, and more.

customer data platform functionality buying or building

Should You Build or Buy your Customer Data Platform?

Understand where your current campaign performance gaps, how leading brands are differentiating themselves with 1:1 personalization, and determine the benefits and capabilities of a CDP whether you buy or build.

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ActionIQ customer data platform competitive market guide

Customer Data Platform Market Guide

How to Separate the CDP Posers from the Players. Save yourself months of frustrating research and get to the truth on the confusing CDP landscape.

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CDP Change Management Best Practices

Change Management Best Practices

Identify and mitigate the most significant customer data platform-related organizational risks, goals and outcomes; while defining critical tasks and skills required to onboard and scale a CDP.

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customer data platform evaluation guide

Customer Data Platforms: A Complete Evaluation Guide

Download this guide, you’ll also gain access to additional tools and resources for planning and executing an optimal CDP evaluation process.

Complete the form to download your evaluation guide now.

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transforming your omnichannel customer experience with a CDP

Converting Brick and Mortar - Only Customers into Omnichannel Shoppers

The future of retail in an offline to the online world. Learn the best practices to drive more valuable offline conversions. 

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Reduce Costs & Drive Results Across the Customer Lifecycle

Acquire, Activate, Repeat, Grow LTV, Retain

Reduce costs while driving results across the customer lifecycle with the enterprise customer data platform

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McKinsey: The Blueprint for Personalization at Scale

The Blueprint for Personalization at Scale


Personalization at scale is worth $1.7 - $3 trillion in new value to businesses who get it right. Watch the video with Jason Heller, to learn what leaders are doing differently to claim their fair share of incremental growth.


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