Standing on the shoulders of giants

You’ve built and continue to evolve the foundation of your company’s data infrastructure. Yet so much of that work is invisible to the business user, resulting in one-off requests for the dashboards, insights, and integrations that they crave. ActionIQ builds a marketing-relevant interface on top of your existing stack to help you transform your business to become more agile, data-driven, and self-service.

No matter the source or format, warehouse, mart, or schema, we ingest all of your data on the fly.
Big marketing clouds only collect 1-5% of your data–we’re a solution for the other 95%.
With data at their fingertips, marketers can become self sufficient and IT can ditch the queue.

Immediately our marketing team was empowered to create segments, test different hypotheses, and measure results.”


Michael Bryzek, Co-founder & Former CTO, Gilt

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