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Driving Subscriptions and Digital Transformation for Media Enterprises

Media & advertising enterprises looking to continue gaining subscribers in today's digital era need to adopt data-driven, customer-focused operating models and evolve out of traditional ad-based business models.

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“ActionIQ knows how to make a useful product for marketers, and build tech you can actually integrate into a modern infrastructure."

Nick Rockwell, Former CTO NYT

Nick Rockwell
The New York Times

Media & Advertising Use Cases

Trial to Paid

Create a personalized conversion journey, spanning every touchpoint, for trial users who hit the paywall

New Products

Intelligently cross-sell to drive new revenue, increasing user engagement and stickiness

High Value Retention

Personalize timing and type of offer based on subscriber value and likelihood to churn

Optimize Acquisition

Suppress existing subscribers in paid media campaigns to lower subscriber acquisition costs by 25% or more

Analyze Behaviors

Quickly build and test theories exploring how different omnichannel engagement tactics affect reader behavior

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CDP Industry Packet for Media


CDP Industry Packet for Media

The ActionIQ Opportunity

Drive Subscriptions and Engagement


Privacy concerns and new regulations resulting in the “death of the cookie” have driven ad revenue away from traditional media platforms. As a result, media companies must succeed in operationalizing other sources of revenue.


Collect and unify valuable first-party customer data assets to establish a foundation for customer-centricity and enable business users to improve acquisition, growth and retention efforts.

Drive Subscriptions and Engagement
Differentiate in a Crowded Landscape

Differentiate in a Crowded Landscape


With nearly every major media company looking to establish direct relationships with consumers, the competition to acquire and retain customers is increasing dramatically.


Deeply understand unique customer behaviors and leverage insights to deliver superior experiences at scale through personalized content, products and services.

Master Cross-Channel & Cross-Brand Interactions


Consumers' consumption patterns are increasingly complex—spanning mobile devices, social media platforms, set top boxes and more. And they seek great experiences that are highly personalized.


Centralize customer data and decisioning workflows in a single platform where business users can segment and analyze cross-channel customer behaviors and orchestrate channel-agnostic journeys based on customer preferences.

Master Cross-Channel & Cross-Brand Interactions
ActionIQ Platform Architecture

Learn more about the ActionIQ CDP

To bring customer data to the edge of every customer experience, brands need a platform that doesn’t shy away from enterprise scale, speed and complexity. ActionIQ offers the only enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform designed for business teams to build modern customer experiences.

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