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The Fastest Path From Data to Personalized Experiences at Scale

In today’s experience economy, brands compete and win based on superior customer experiences. Delivering unique experiences requires a complete solution spanning people, processes, and technology, all working together to help you succeed. ActionIQ is the complete solution for the world’s top data-driven brands.

The Fastest, Most Scalable Customer Data Platform

ActionIQ unifies customer data and empowers marketers to deliver relevant customer experiences. The platform features self-service analytics and true cross-channel orchestration powered by AI-driven insights and decisioning.


World Class Delivery Services

ActionIQ brings the expert professionals and delivery methodology to accelerate business transformation and ROI from your customer data platform.

Integrations That Deliver Value Quickly

With pre-built integrations to all the standard data and marketing systems, ActionIQ is the fastest path to go from customer data to personalized experiences.

Security Is Our Company's Top Priority

At ActionIQ, privacy and security are integral to our culture. We utilize industry best practices to protect your data and help ensure your customers’ privacy.

An Enterprise-Grade Solution With the Agility of a Startup

With a scalable product, expert team, and an engagement model that makes our company an extension of yours, ActionIQ is built from the ground up to deliver success for the world's most sophisticated enterprises.

Innovative Technology

We’re innovators, and we’ve built transformational technology. Our product ingests data at massive scale, letting marketers activate this data to drive personalized customer experiences. All delivered within months, not years. With new capabilities delivered at a startup pace, our most exciting innovations are yet to come.

Trusted Team

We are deeply committed to your success. We bring decades of experience and leadership into the field. Our engagement model goes beyond simple implementation—we partner with you to transform marketing processes, manage change and deliver impactful business results.

Rich Community

Our platform brings together leading brands and strategic partners to form an extraordinary ecosystem. You gain direct access to experts in your field as well as peers with shared experiences—helping you solve key challenges and achieve greater success as a marketer.

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How Do You Evaluate a CDP?

Personalization at scale needs a true Enterprise CDP with all the capabilities required to achieve speed, agility, and depth. Your CDP should be a smart hub that connects to any data source and any channel, empowering your marketing team to take action on 100% of your customer data. How? Download our CDP Evaluation Guide to help you find the answers.

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