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A Single Solution to Empower Your Entire Organization to Create More Authentic Experiences

ActionIQ Customer Data Solution

The Challenge

Brands across every industry struggle to unify data and decisioning across the organization. Business users don't have a single solution to create authentic customer experiences built on all their data – leading to low customer growth and loyalty.

The ActionIQ Solution


All Your Data

Access everything you know about your customer


Across Your Teams

Empower marketing, service, and sales towards one goal


Every Experience

Deliver what your customer needs, where they need it

"ActionIQ is the brain of our smart-hub approach to customer experience management.

It enables us to consolidate data across the organization and provide self-service access to orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys."

Deidre Watts Director of Marketing, Genworth Financia

Deidre Watts
Director of Marketing,
Genworth Financial





A Modern Solution Built to Scale with Your Business

Traditional data systems can't keep up with modern business requirements, and marketing clouds can't scale to modern data requirements. ActionIQ combines data and experience capabilities within a single platform to empower your entire organization.

Infinite Compute by ActionIQ



Customer 360

Unify your data and build a single comprehensive view for all your customers


Data Agility & Governance

Centralize where your data lives, who has access to it, and how it is used across your systems


Self-Service Insights

Generate accurate insights in real-time, with the click of a button, and without asking for IT support


Predictive Modeling

Deploy white-box modeling powered by all your data and trained on your particular customers and business needs


Audience Orchestration

Go beyond pure insights to action, directly apply everything you learned to orchestrated experiences across all your touchpoints


Test and Measurement

Innovate through experimentation, testing and validating your strategies across all your channels from a single platform


Align people, technology and process to customer data, empowering your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences across marketing, sales and service touchpoints.


Organizational Agility

Provide cross-functional teams access to accurate, contextual customer data, enabling technical and business users to collaborate in real-time


Superior Customer Experiences

Utilize the full breadth of your customer data, enabling data-driven engagement strategies that improve CSAT and LTV at scale


Transformational Growth

Quickly test and measure new products, services, and engagement strategies while reducing legacy process and technology costs


Customer Data Platform: Competitive Market Guide

How to separate the CDP posers from the true players. Download ActionIQ’s guide to save yourself months of frustrating research and get to the truth on the confusing CDP landscape.

Why ActionIQ

ActionIQ is the only CDP with proprietary infrastructure capable of scaling to enterprise volume and complexity. Our clients have the results to prove it.

Pandora Music activates over 100B+ experiences to 100M+ customer profiles through ActionIQ - driving higher customer growth and retention, while reducing marketing costs.

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