What Is ActionIQ?

The Only Scalable, Enterprise Customer Data Platform

ActionIQ is designed to leverage trillions of interactions and allow marketers to talk to their customers in unison across channels, enhancing the efficacy of CRM programs and delivering measurable business results.

Connected Data Across The Enterprise

Connect and ingest any customer data source at the event-level, for complete transparency and accessibility to data across the enterprise.

Flexible & Intuitive Audience Creation

Create new audiences and get insights on their composition in a matter of minutes, using an iterative process to define and fine-tune marketing strategies.

Cross-channel Campaign Management & Measurement

Orchestrate audience intelligence across any execution channel, with advanced testing and measurement capabilities, to deliver a consistent customer experience across channels.

ActionIQ Is Made Specifically For Large Enterprises

Our ability to scale — across multiple data sources, teams and people, and marketing channels
— sets us apart from traditional Customer Data Platforms
Complex Data At Scale
Our scalable, in-memory architecture is designed for event-level data, and zero ETL data ingest and mapping means that users can create new customer attributes in minutes.
Comprehensive Testing & Measurement
Multi-dimensional holdouts measures true incremental lift, while custom KPIs can be created on any variable. Automated marketing analytics and measurement show concrete proof of revenue-driven success.
Actionable Intelligence
Customer behavior mapping and insights across 100% of customer data allows for a truly seamless omni-channel customer experience with a continuous feedback loop from channel and internal data.
Enterprise Grade
Our data and user governance framework, and team control and collaboration features, are designed for and proven successful by multiple Fortune 500 clients.

Built with Enterprise-Grade Security

ActionIQ cloud services comply with Service Organization Controls standards for operational security.

ActionIQ In Our Own Words

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Annie McClorey

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The Inflection Point
Ryan Puskar

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Product Design
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Field Engineering
Edouard Servan-Schriber

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The Two Part Story of Data
Rose Kozar

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Customer & Client TLC
Rose Kozar

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