Delivering Speed-to-Market

White Paper: Delivering Speed-to-Market

ActionIQ delivers campaign speed, removing the drags on time-to-market and quickly unifying data from any source, making it actionable across any execution channel. Most importantly, ActionIQ enables marketers to perform all key audience related tasks, from discovery to orchestration, on their own in the the platform. The result?

Build Campaigns 4X Faster, 4X Cheaper, 10X More Personalized

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ActionIQ’s Smart Hub Approach

Marketing velocity is critical in an age of shrinking product life cycles, market-disrupting technologies, and hyper-connected consumers. ActionIQ removes the most intractable bottlenecks in campaign creation and empowers marketers to perform all key audience-related tasks, from audience discovery to orchestration, on a completely self-service basis.

Data unification on-the-fly

Intelligent decisioning at speed requires unification of all relevant data, both historic and near-real-time.

Self-service opportunity discovery and audience building

Self-service, business-friendly tools so marketers can interact with customer data without any intervention from technical experts.

AI-ready data

Flexible data organization means data is virtually ready as-is for AI modeling and findings. can be ingested back into the platform with no further transformations, so marketers can start leveraging them in campaigns right away.

Campaign orchestration at scale

Pre-built connectors to any first- or third-party execution system ensure strategic orchestration across channels and to speed execution.

Instant cross-channel reporting

Unified cross-channel execution on a single set of data enables marketers to set up sophisticated A/B/n testing and statistically valid control groups across channels and campaigns with campaign results delivered automatically.

We’re helping G2000 businesses, such as Verizon Wireless, New York Times, and HBC and look forward to helping you get started.

About ActionIQ

ActionIQ is at the center of a data-driven revolution that is changing the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset. ActionIQ helps G2000 companies connect their first-party customer data, orchestrate cross-channel campaigns, and measure incremental lift across all digital and offline channels. VC-backed by Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, FirstMark Capital, and Bowery Capital , we are helping brands like Verizon Wireless, The New York Times, HBC and others grow customer lifetime value and marketing ROI.

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