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Podcast: Vera Bradley Talks CDPs With Total Retail

Featuring Chief Customer Officer, Daren Hull

Total Retail's executive editor Joe Keenan talks to Daren Hull, Chief Customer Officer at Vera Bradley, about implementing a CDP to democratize data and provide great customer experiences. Hull explains how by giving self-service access to data and insights to business users, Vera Bradley's Customer Data Platform has helped the marketing team:

  • Optimize marketing spend on top-of-funnel activities
  • Increase conversion rates in middle and bottom of funnel
  • Optimize next-best purchase offers to drive long-term relationships
  • Improve in-store merchandising and customer engagement
Listen to the Podcast.  
A CDP is really a start line, not a finish line. We will continue to improve our use of customer data for customer experience and deploying marketing spend and driving great customer experiences.

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