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The Journey to Personalized Experiences at Scale

How “Smart Hub” Customer Data Platforms Integrate and Automate Data-Driven Personalization

Despite huge investments in customer data initiatives, many otherwise sophisticated brands still find themselves lagging at personalization. However, a new generation of technologies, what Gartner calls “smart hubs” may change this. Personalization processes - that otherwise require resource-intensive, manual intervention that is not scalable - are now integrated and automated.

As a result, brands of all sizes can speed and simplify the journey to personalization at scale and compete with today’s digital-first personalization leaders. To help guide brands along this journey, this white paper:

  • Defines personalization at scale, and places it in the context of the strategic journey from batch-and-blast messaging to “concierge-grade” 1:1 personalization.
  • Examines the technical and organizational barriers brands face, as well as the essential capabilities required to deliver personalization at scale.
  • Details how smart hub technologies overcome these barriers by integrating and automating data-driven personalization processes, so brands can respond with agility to rapidly evolving market conditions and customer behavior.

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