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The ActionIQ Value Mapping Workshop

The ActionIQ Value Mapping Workshop gives leaders the insight and space to develop clarity around their vision for their business’ digital transformation and actionable steps to improve their customer journeys and improve their ROI. The Value Mapping Workshop is the centerpiece of the ActionIQ CDP initiative to make digital transformation accessible, actionable, and human.

The workshop equips leaders with a defined roadmap to help support their team’s objectives by providing the goals, data focus points, tools, processes, and direction that is needed. 

During this 90 minute workshop, you, your key stakeholders will work with our industry experts on your key challenges and objectives. Together we will develop a joint vision, immediate actions, and a transformation narrative that will help put you on the path for success. The workshop should last 90 minutes of time of your key stakeholders who can speak to your current marketing budget, tech stack and campaign processes in support of marketing communications.

In two business days after the workshop, we will deliver to your team a document outlining immediate as well as medium-term cost savings and revenue-driving use cases in a “CFO-ready” format.  



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you participate in the value mapping workshop?

If you find that your marketing, sales, product, and customer service teams are all using their own tools to deploy different messages across different channels, at different parts of the customer lifecycle—and nobody across teams is talking to each other, you should register today. It’s essential to eliminate these data silos and unify your customer data in one central place to execute better customer experiences

What will be accomplished during an ActionIQ Value Mapping Workshop?

Our industry experts will partner with your organization to deliver a documented action plan covering your CDP initiatives:

  • Business vision and priorities
  • Current state and constraints
  • Future state and solution blueprint
  • Prioritized use case roadmap

The Value Mapping helps you get your CDP initiative set on a strong foundation—addressing all the challenges described in the table above, and ensuring the three core requirements for CDP change management are in place at the outset of your transformation.

How much does it cost to participate in the value mapping workshop?

We offer this workshop complimentary to enterprise organizations that are ready to take the next step in their digital transformation journey.

Who is conducting the value mapping workshop? 

From our end, ActionIQ’s value mapping teams are made up of martech, analytics, and business experts with decades of experience as leaders and practitioners. The practice is led by Tamara Gruzbarg, an industry-recognized data, and analytics leader who previously held pivotal digital transformation roles at Citi, Experian, Stuart Weitzman, and Meredith Corporation.

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